The Case for New Year’s Resolutions

Should you make a New Year’s Resolution or forget about it.  After all, don’t they almost all fail anyways?

First and foremost…Not just YES but HELL YES you need make a New Year’s Resolution!!!  WHY?

1.  It makes you recommit yourself to being your best.  Saying you’ve got more to do and more to prove to yourself is a #GSD statement of ACTION.  It’s you admitting that you have the ability to level up and the belief in yourself to accomplish it!  That’s big time!

2.  It makes you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.  Those ACTION statements of “I am going to lose weight/eat clean/run more/lift more/ study more/ then become questions of  how!  Holy smokes…now we have begun the process of reflection!

What are my barriers?  What am I already doing right?  What do I know how to do, but need to get consistent with?  What can I take on immediately?  What part of my goal needs to wait for spring?  Who is my support system?  How do I get them to help me?

For those of us who reflect often, we KNOW that this is one of the key reasons we stay focused through hard times, through failures, through the low part of the motivation wave.  New Year’s Resolutions are a time of assessment for EVERYONE and good things come from taking the time to do that.

3.  It’s a rejection of complacency.  Past success doesn’t equate to future success.  Past failures don’t signify future ones either.  Those New Year’s Resolutions keep us thinking ahead and being excited for what we could potentially claim soon.  Our past becomes less valuable than our futures and I love that mindset!!

Of course, there’s no denying that a large amount of New Year’s Resolutions die fast and hard.

So, where do folks go wrong?  They focus solely on the outcome instead of the journey.


Reaching your goal/outcome is NOT a 1, 2, 3 linear, step by step instruction manual.  Breaking that mindset is is priority #1.

Getting to that big, lofty declaration statement you create at the end of this year will take daily, weekly, monthly effort.

Patience + Persistence + Practice

That means embracing a plentitude failures as learning experiences.  That means constantly reassessing your strategy, your training, your practices.  That means consistently pursuing progress in small increments rather than big lumps.

BUT DOESN’T ALL OF THAT SOUND EXCITING?!?!?!  Doesn’t working hard as hell at something you feel strongly about make you crazy enthusiastic about 2016!!!!????!!!!

OMG, I hope so.  I hope you have inside at least that one dream that scares the bejeezus out of you every time you sit down to plan it out.  So do it!!  #GSD this year.

Recommit yourself, evaluate yourself, and REJECT complacency!  You’re ready for the patience, persistence, and practice it takes to be the very best version of you in 2016!!

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