Stay Home. Get Fit.

$33 - 2 Weeks

#GarageGains is designed to be a dumbbell-based strength and cardio training home gym workout program.

It was birthed out of the necessary changes our studio needed to make for our meathead crew during the 2020 Covid-19 shut down.

What we did in studio with barbells, plates, med balls, kettlebells, bands, and battle ropes needed to be TRANSLATED to MINIMAL EQUIPMENT and MINIMAL SPACE.

In other words, we did NOT "DUMB DOWN" our programming when we moved to a "DUMB"bell-style training program.

We continued to be committed to staying fit, staying strong, and staying lean while staying at home.

What's a membership look like????

  • Short 2-week cancel-anytime membership.
  • On-the-go access to your strength and conditioning program.
  • Workouts will get progressively harder the longer you are in #GarageGains because we aim to challenge you the whole year through.
  • Thoughtfully designed workout to create lean, sexy muscle.
  • Short video tutorials of every movement so you're never left guessing how to do something correctly.
  • Full and "quickie" versions of each workout so that when time is short you still have a "go to" solution.
  • The ability to record reps and weights so that you can challenge your existing boundaries and bust out of old plateaus.
  • Oh, did I already mention, cancel anytime without fees???

Our goal is to meet you where you are, using what you have, with the most effective and easy to understand workouts possible.

Don't have a lot of equipment? Unsure of how to do certain movements?
Uncomfortable going to the gym? Working from home and doing virtual schooling?

We gotchu boo!

#GarageGains In Action

This is REAL LIFE!! Mama squeezes her #GarageGains workout in while her toddler gets her screen time. Get your "me" time where you can...

Time lapse of #GarageGains workout from one of our Sweatlocal regulars. This full-time working mom of 2 takes her workout with her on travel or when life doesn't allow her to make it in to the studio.