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Sweat is a full body, mind, and soul gym. While the focus is on strengthening your body, you will also strengthen your mind. This gym always encourages me to push beyond my comfort zone and be courageous!🤩👊🏼💪🏽

Lila King

LOVE this place! It is so nice to just show up and have the workouts planned for you. The trainers are so knowledgeable and you will never get bored. SweatLocal is way more than just a gym, it is a little family. Jeidi has done an amazing job with SweatLocal. I would recommend it to anyone!

Emily Bass

Sweat local is awesome in so many ways. It's an awesome workout with great people who are kind and care!!!! Jeidi is amazing at what she does and has put together an awesome team of instructors and created an environment that's encouraging, fun, challenging and motivating. I ❤️ SweatLocal!!!!!!!

Rebecca Bawcom

BEST GYM IN HUNTSVILLE! I highly recommend this gym for anyone wanting to look forward to exercising! The trainers are highly motivating, there are a great variety in classes, and you will get results!

Cindy Griffin

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As a group of certified personal trainers we are in charge of creating our own classes and programs but methodically plan and coordinate as a team to ensure we help you create a strong and lean physique while preventing injury and over training.

Our monthly schedule changes to prevent adaptation and includes high and low impact classes so that joints are strengthened not battered.  Our studio seeks to provide you the motivation and sound training needed to make fitness and health a lifelong commitment. We hope to see you in the studio!

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