At Sweat we celebrate each individual’s effort. Whether you are a well trained athlete or an exercise rookie, you have a home here.  No one expects you to come here fit.  No one is watching you to see if they are stronger, leaner, or can jump higher than they can. What someone else does, has nothing to do with you.  What you do, has NOTHING to do with someone else.
We dig that about our spot.  Come as you are, today, and we got the rest covered.


We don’t offer play care but if your kid can sit for 60 minutes w/ an ipad and head phones and stay off equipment, there’s a little nook in the back where our babies hang out.
Our experience has been that about 4.5 kiddos are ready to chill at the studio while you workout.
Keep in mind, they are still your responsibility and we expect you to parent them while there and also allow our trainers to kindly remind them to not get curious with the equipment.  They are not allowed to touch equipment.  This is your playground not theirs!
Also, our music is dirty… I mean like real deal dirty so headphones is how you want to censor the very adult language that will motivate you through our workouts! #sorrynotsorry


First and foremost… come as you are.  Be comfortable.  You don’t have to fit a mold.  #doyou and let’s get to training.
I spent crazy amounts of money on our flooring at Sweat so we could burpee and jump as needed without your joints getting brutalized.  Getting plyometric work here is NOT like being in your garage! With that said, folks ask me about shoes… a lot.  For our purposes low profile is best but we have tons of runners and triathletes who come our way and use the shoes they already have.


Sign up to ensure your spot and an early cancel is appreciated by us and by the people on a wait list… especially at 5:30a.m.!!!! Add your email and mobile number to get notified if you get off a wait list. We do require a 3 hour window of time for early cancellation but we understand that scheduling conflicts can occur.  I’ve never had anyone abuse our graciousness in terms of giving back people’s missed classes due to kids getting sick or crazy things like that… so I’m going to stick w/ my #loveyourpeople approach. Help us keep our rates low by early canceling but if life throws you a curve ball, touch base w/ me and we can handle things case by case.