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🍑 My Peach Project 🍑

An 8-Week Project to Grow, Tighten & Shape Your Glutes

  • Get small group training specifically designed to lift and round your glutes to give you that peachy shape
  • Experience strength & aesthetic gainz through our science-backed programming
  • Get access to at-home or on the road programming in case you have to travel during the project

We've done the work so all you have to do is commit to showing up and working your booty off (or on?!)

Spots are extremely limited as this is a specialized program!

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Q: What do I get?

  • You get 2 small group (9 people max) glute-specific training sessions per week for 8 weeks
  • You get access to Sunday badASSery 9:30am or 12:30pm.
  • badASSery and the small group sessions WORK together as a cohesive science-based glute growing program.

Q: How is this different than leg day?

The whole class is focused on tightening, growing and shaping your glutes. We'll be using science-backed methods to grow three-dimensional glute—something that leg day doesn't have the time to dedicate to.

You won't be sharing equipment. Your barbell is your barbell. 

Q: Where are classes?

All training sessions will be at sweatlocal - 2124 Cecil Ashburn Drive, Suite 110, Huntsville, AL 35802

Q: What if I have to miss a session?

You'll get access to each session's programming afterwards, so if you have to miss a session you can use that to stay on track with your workouts. In addition, I can send you our workout for the day so you can work on it at home or on travel.

Meet Your Trainer

Jeidi Pippins - Owner, sweatlocal

Hey ya'll!

So about 6 months ago I decided to take my training to a completely different place... my booty.

I mean, I've always worked legs and glutes, but never ever had I made them the absolute star of my strength training.

Never, ever had I committed to training my glutes 3 times a week and with the specific protocols you have in #MyPeachProject.

I loved my results and had tons of fun along the way.

Originally, I planned to take this program solely in studio, and guide a select few an entire 8 weeks of glute glory.

Well... as you know life got topsy turvy so #MyPeachProject, for now, went DIY.

We held nothing back putting these workouts on paper, however.

This program is no joke. Then again, your glutes are no joke either.

I don't care if your intentions with glute training are for health, hotness, or performance... you a$$ won't be same after these 8 weeks.