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🍑 My Peach Project DIY 🍑

An 8-Week At-Home Program to Grow, Tighten & Shape Your Glutes

Get a DIY at-home training program specifically designed to lift and round your glutes and give you that peachy shape—delivered straight to your inbox.

What you get:

  • 20 workouts designed for you to work your glutes 3x a week for 8 weeks
  • Fully stocked gym version and bands only versions of the program to fit your needs
  • Delivered in downloadable PDF format with video instruction included

We've done the work so all you have to do is commit to working your booty off (or on?!) Experience strength & aesthetic gainz through our science-backed programming!

Order Summary
My Peach Project

Meet Your Trainers

Jeidi Pippins - Owner, sweatlocal

Hey ya'll!

So about 6 months ago I decided to take my training to a completely different place... my booty.

I mean, I've always worked legs and glutes, but never ever had I made them the absolute star of my strength training.

Never, ever had I committed to training my glutes 3 times a week and with the specific protocols you have in #MyPeachProject.

I loved my results and had tons of fun along the way.

Originally, I planned to take this program solely in studio, and guide a select few an entire 8 weeks of glute glory.

Well... as you know life got topsy turvy so #MyPeachProject, for now, went DIY.

We held nothing back putting these workouts on paper, however.

This program is no joke. Then again, your glutes are no joke either.

I don't care if your intentions with glute training are for health, hotness, or performance... you a$$ won't be same after these 8 weeks.

Grace Vroom

Hi, my name is Grace Vroom and I’m a NASM CPT.

My fitness journey started when I had reconstructive knee surgery when I was 13 years old. I learned that the only way I could continue in sport would be through strength training.

So, I started taking classes at Sweatlocal. Sweat transformed my outlook on fitness as a have to in order to heal to a have to because it’s a passion.

So here I am 8 years later, 21 years old, coaching and training. I have a passion for helping others not only transform their bodies, but also gain self confidence in who the Lord made them to be through the strength and power they find when moving their bodies.

I invite you to come join this journey with me! Your glutes are big muscles, they deserve lots of your focus and effort. This program is not for the faint of heart. As Jeidi said, your glutes will never be the same after these 8 weeks.