Class Descriptions


Grow yo’ glutes! You can expect hip thrusts, deadlifts, band work and just about anything that’ll target your cheeks!

Chisel & Sizzle

Upper body, lower body, or full body- regardless of the split you can expect some “bro-y” lifting mixed in with some cardio to get your heart pumping.  


Lifting weights but faster :).  We are a burpee free studio.   We do not perform box jumps or advanced olympic lifts, either.  The “5” means you can these 5 movements to create that cardio kick – Push, Pull, Hinge, Squat, Carry.


Strictly lifting.  There are a few of flavors of Vain – Upper body day, lower body day,  or full body.  You can expect big lifts like presses or squats but also bodybuilding movements like bicep curls and lateral raises.