9 Years of sweatlocal

It feels rather impossible.

We’re almost 9 years to the day we opened up sweatlocal to a completely EMPTY 5:30am class.

Not exactly a “grand opening” for a new gym in Huntsville amiright???

Forgive me for being a wee bit harsh on this birthday blog, but the reality is, I had no business being in business 9 years ago.

My qualifications as a personal trainer had NOTHING to do with the realities of marketing, finance, business plans, and systemization.

Had you analyzed me on a spreadsheet my chances of making it to my first year, let alone to 9, were likely slim to none.

What I love… is that I hadn’t a clue that my chances of failure were bigger than normal.

You know that cheesy question, “What would you attempt, if you knew you couldn’t fail?”

Ha! I’ve been living the answer every damn day for 9 years.

And while I can’t pretend like things have been easy throughout, I can, absolutely, CELEBRATE the IMPACT of a “JUST START” mentality.


Take at least ONE BABY STEP FORWARD and figure the rest out as you go along!!!!

I can’t tell you how often the “as soon as” mentality paralyzes people to begin their fitness journey.

I’ll start “as soon as”…

  1. I settle in my new job.
  2. I come back from my vacation next month.
  3. My cousin’s wedding …

The idea behind this is to have ALL the answers FIRST, PLAN perfectly for all scenarios, and consciously AVOID bumps along the way.

And while seeking certainty is human nature and there’s certainly nothing wrong with some strategic planning, at some point we need to embrace that enduring some low level failures and LEARNING AS WE GO is an unavoidable and highly beneficial part of the growth experience.

Ya’ll, only 5% of lifestyle change (fat loss, physique change, strength conditioning, any type of training – you get the idea) happens in a home run scenario.

The rest of us… the other 95%… success looks a lot like hitting start on your Roomba.

You begin. You hit a wall. You pivot. You keep going. You hit the couch. You pivot again. You still keep going.

Friends, I am grateful for my sweatlocal Roomba ride to 9 years with all of you!!!!!

Eventually… the floor is clean. In time, we get what we want one little bump at a time 🙂

Thank you for your trust. Your feedback. Your friendship. And all the grace along the way.

I cannot imagine my life doing anything else but as a sweatlocal team.

For that reason I’m rolling our usual “Black Fri-YAY” class pack best seller EARLY. Click below to get 20% off all our class packs and semi private packs.

P.S. – And , even thought I think you should “JUST START, already!” If you wanna start “as soon as” the holidays are over… you can. :). Expiration dates don’t begin til first booking.

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