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#twentyin30 Workout Challenge

People ask me, how do I have time… uhm, I don’t… but that’s not going to stop me.

Ya’ll, the fast paced life that we seem to endlessly criticize, we’ve purposefully designed and secretly enjoy.

Positive psychology research tells us that people have fun REACHING for a goal more than accomplishing the goal.

In other words, we find joy in THE PURSUIT! We experience RELIEF at the finish line.

This is exactly  what competing has felt like for me these past 18 months and that is why, despite not ever feeling like I have the time, I’ve made it happen any ways.  

I am specifically putting this out there because I get frustrated when I hear folks decline opportunities to push their physical and mental boundaries until “life is less crazy.”

I’ve got news for you.

Life is gonna STAY CRAZY because you LIKE it that way.

What I want folks to do is to INCLUDE their likes, wants, needs BACK into their gloriously hectic and achievement filled lives!!!!

Competing, for me,  is a PURPOSEFUL decision to go ALL IN ON ME for a specific time period.   

I am a mom, wife, coach, and business owner… I understand it isn’t always going to be “all about me” all the time but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t ever be about me sometimes.

Stop waiting for “less crazy” and simply start INCLUDING yourself INTO the crazy.

There is no reason why your wonderfully hectic and busy life can’t or shouldn’t have seasons where you include your personal #HotHealthyHappy goals too.

And so it should not shock you to know it is NO COINCIDENCE that our famous/infamous #twentyin30 Workout Challenge is OPEN for ENROLLMENT at one of the most hectic times of year, the beginning of school.

This yearly workout out challenge dares our sweatlocal crew to get 20 classes in 30 days because after a summer all about the family and kids, it’s TIME FOR YOU again!

Read details or snag your classes HERE!

1. You have 30 days to get 20 in-studio classes. Yes, that tough. That’s why we call it a challenge. Sorry not sorry.

2. Tough isn’t synonymous with impossible. 20 classes in 30 days is an average of 5 workouts per week with two full on rest days. This is how I train most of the year… excluding competition time.

3. For the first time ever, if you want to do more than 20, you can! Your #twentyin30 purchase is a SINGLE all-inclusive month which means you’ve got 30 classes available to you.

4. Oh, and if life throws you a curve ball, you’ve got 4 opportunities to earn tally marks that are not coming in studio.

We’re here to see you succeed but also push you to do what you’ve always intended to do with your gym time…

* Get consistent!

** Increase your workout intensity so that you see new changes quicker!

*** Feel like a badass accomplishing new things at the gym!

Ya’ll I do NOT believe your life will ever be simple, tame, and predictable and it’s not because “everything is out of control.”

Your life moves fast because you’re achievement driven and appreciate being pushed outside of your comfort zones. 


You ENJOY being in pursuit. 

The #twentyin30 Workout Challenge simply DARES you to be in the pursuit of your strongest and fittest self.

You ready?

C’mon… say YES! Say YES, just like I did, and do things you didn’t think you ever had time to do.


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