Make it Easy in May


Real damn life here…

There are some days, I have to schedule my showers in like an actual appointment to make sure I get them in.

I’m not proud of that. I’m just making the point that WE ARE ALL SLAMMED and doing our best to balance our duties with our dreams!

And so when people ask how I manage to workout consistently, eat “right,” and run a business, I’m not sure they realize I operate on a “Make It Easy” system that does NOT require me to reinvent the wheel each week.

Lemme show you…

Breakfast Template

This Apple Spice Overnight Oats recipe that I posted on both Facebook and Instagram can turn instantly into a Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats recipe.

The base:
1/3c quick cooking oats
1/3c milk of choice
1 T chia seeds

Now for changing up the flavor here’s the rest …
* 2 oz unsweetened apple sauce and any spices and nuts that work well in an apple pie or…

* 2 oz canned pureed pumpkin and any spices and nuts that work well in a pumpkin pie or…

* Go to THE BABY FOOD SECTION! They’ve got ALL KINDS of FUN FRUITY pureed combos in jars and pouches… apple strawberry banana, apple strawberry beet, sweet potato, banana apple pear, banana blueberry blackberry…

Lunch/Dinner Template

“100’s Bowl”

Grab your food scale.

  1. Weigh 100oz of lean meat
  2. Weigh 100oz of veggies
  3. Weigh 100oz of starchy starch
  4. Put it all together with a serving of something creamy and fatty

Repeat for as many meals as you want/need in a day.

Workout Template

Just like we program in studio, my workouts are locked and loaded for the month.

And while I, of course, don’t workout 7 days a week as is offered in studio, there is no 30 minutes wasted daily scrolling IG for a random workout posted online. There is no fumbling around with the weights wondering what did I come here to do..

There is clarity and obvious purpose to each workout.

In a nut shell… what’s to be done daily is SYSTEMIZED.

But, ya’ll having a process does not mean a life of boredom!!! Variety and organization CO-EXIST!!!

When people join us in studio or online in Garage Gains, THAT is one of the big things they’re after! A “MAKE IT EASY” on my hectic life system that allows them to enjoyably REPEAT behaviors they know create the goals they have for themselves.

  • Lift lots of things.
  • Cardio some.
  • Think work completely outsourced to us.

When people join us for Diet Rebellion/Leaner Build THAT is one of the principles we coach, as well.

  • Eat to support your goals. (We design that)
  • Keep it delicious. (You’re in charge of that)
  • Rinse and repeat.

As summer approaches and schedules begin to shift and change, what systems do you need to support your #HotHealthyHappy lifestyle.

Make It Easy at home

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