What Your Favorite Fitness Bodies AREN’T Doing…


So let me explain…

If you’re NOT working out and all of a sudden you begin working out, cherry picking a new workout you found on Instagram daily WILL absolutely change your body.

You went from NOT putting stress on your muscles to CONSISTENTLY presenting a new work load. That = progress. And if that is where you are beginning your fitness journey, I want to APPLAUD you. I wanna send you a big ass virtual high five for doin’ the damn thing and getting it done.

This blog post is not about knocking down where you are.

It’s simply to encourage you and anyone else to be ready to eventually change their game because the every day random workout technique has it’s threshold of success. The plateau is imminent because it’s impossible to CONSISTENTLY present a greater overload than before.

For example, if the Monday workout you found on IG involved 40 pushups and Wednesdays workout was 60 push ups your weekly volume was 100 push ups.

The next week you didn’t really feel like doing push ups so you avoided them entirely. Your weekly push up volume is 0.

The next week you find a hella hard workout that had you doing 100 push ups but it left you so sore you, once again, avoided push ups the rest of the week, your weekly volume for week 3 is still 100.

In 3 weeks you averaged 33 pushups and unless your average begins to creep up, you will only enjoy the gains of 33 push ups weekly.

The danger though is that by being random you’re likely NOT EVEN AWARE of how many push ups you’re doing weekly because, of course, the very randomness of the random technique is it’s randomness so you cannot figure out why all your consistent workout efforts aren’t earning you any new gainzzzzz.

That can get quite frustrating in the long run.

Here’s the point… your very favorite Instagram fitness personality, the one with 1.2 million followers and the bangin’ 6 pack body … the one that posts a new random workouts every single day, is NOT randomly doing workouts for him/herself. I’ll also add that their food is also not random.

They are very likely following an exercise REGIMEN that changes ONLY ABOUT every 4 – 12 weeks.

In other words, they REDUCE VARIETY to INCREASE AWARENESS and lift heavier each week or add reps each week. To prevent boredom they might shuffle the order of the exercises, pick a new accessory movement, a new stretch, but the purpose of the program remains intact and they give themselves the time to PUSH through the soreness and the movements they suck at.

In addition, they do the movements they may not feel like doing on that day b/c decisions were made AHEAD of the low motivation wave. One of the detriments of cherry picking workouts is that low motivation often decides what it is and what is not happening at the gym.

One of the most cited reasons people stick with us for so long is because they SEE the results that come from hiring us to create their program and make their workouts decisions for them.


Now… your favorite IG fitness bod, is built over TIME! This means that just like sports have seasons in order to work on skills and prevent injury during game time, physique change has “seasons” too!

Of course, since it’s your body you get to decide when those seasons come in and out but suffice to say that if you played basketball games 365 days out of the year, you’d end up injured, fatigued, and average at best.

Athletes take TIME off the court/field to develop skills, recover, and gain strength. You must learn to do the same with your body if you’re looking to BUILD a body with muscular curves, that performs well in the gym, and has energy for work and parenting too!

Pretty soon, you’ll hear me shift gears from talking about #shredmode and fat loss and I’ll be chatting more about #maintenancemode. This means FEEDING your body more and LIFTING HEAVIER because you are fed more. This means still eating healthy and well but adding BACK IN calories into your day.

Pool time means we’ve done the shredding we wanted to do and now it’s time to put a book mark on where we are, let our systems destress from being at a deficit, and feed the lean muscle again.

And I know what you’re saying to yourself…

“But I’m not as lean as I wanna be so I don’t wanna maintain. I don’t wanna maintain this body.”

Once again… Imma tell you that your favey fave fitness body, puts a book mark on fat loss. They know that fat loss for too long creates problems. They view BODY CHANGE AS A LONG TERM PROCESS so it’s totally fine to put a 4-12 week pause on fat loss. That time frame is extremely short because this is A LONG GAME and they know their body will respond faster when they do go back to fat loss if they give it a break.


If your favorite fitness body gives a magical detox tea the credit to their results, hit the unfollow button. They’re lying for money and doing you a great disservice.

They might drink their tea and it might help them poop their way to a flatter bikini belly the next day, but their potion did not defy the science behind fat loss and muscle gains.

They hit the gym.

They lifted.

They ate well.

They changed over time.

In other words… they NAILED THE BASICS over and over and over again! And let’s give some respect to “the basics!” They are HARD! That’s why these detox tea businesses are “killin’ it.”

They’re falsely selling easy.

There is no supplement that overrides the required work of physique change.

The Take Away:

  1. Cherry picking workouts works especially best in the beginning.
  2. Taking away variety to increase awareness and add weight and resistance will eventually be needed to break plateaus. (P.S. If that sounds awful and dismal, don’t do it. Stick with what keeps you consistent!)
  3. Adhering to a program will make you do the things you don’t want to do and help you push your boundaries.
  4. Fat loss 365 will not get you to your fave fave body goals faster.
  5. Nailing the basics is HARD. Respect.

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