Back To School EASY Meal Plan

Back to school is around the corner. Do you have a back to school meal plan? For you? Your kids’ meals? If memory serves, there’s going to be a lot of drive through McDonald’s and stress eating because, “it was a crazy week.” (insert my eye roll here.)

I love ya, but I also want to play a bit of hard ball with your fitness goal setting.

It Doesn’t Have To Be A Crazy Week

The “it was a crazy week” reasoning is overused and, let’s be honest… school calendars are out 365 days in advance!

You’ve known for months, if not weeks, when the kiddos go back to school.

Yes, this means you’re back to those early morning demands of making sure everyone is up, dressed, and out of the house on time. But there is absolutely no reason why any of this should catch you off guard.

Have A Plan

We have time to plan and that’s exactly the point of this blog post.

What I’ve done is build a BASE meal plan for you.

At 1,634 calories this is NOT enough calories for many active women and men. With that said, if some of you active female humans are looking for fat loss, then we might be at an okay ball park figure.

If you’re not active, this might be just right or a bit too much for you. EVERYONE can make healthful adjustments to this meal plan by simply adding food servings to the back to school meal plan.

So let’s get to it… below is your base meal plan. Directly below is a short video explaining your meal plan.

Take The Crazy Away Meal Plan

Back to School plan for meals 1 though 4.
Two more meals for your Back to School meal plan.

This meal plan is not prescriptive or magical obviously.

It is meant to be budget friendly, easy to follow along, and easy to prep. It makes your “crazy” back to school week more manageable.

Plus, the emphasis on protein and whole food carbs is gonna make your strength and physique building goals sky rocket.

In August we’ve got our “Huntsville Famous” #twentyin30 challenge coming. Stay tuned for those details and make sure to take our FREE CLASS offer before then.

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