Meats and Cheats

For the longest, binge eating was wrecking all the hard work I’d put in during my workouts.  I’d approach each and every morning with grand intentions, only to end up eating 1/2 the peanut butter jar at 3 pm or eating an entire box of granola bars before bed.

I’d binge eat on THOUSANDS of calories worth of healthy food each week.  I was  not only hungry for more calories but clearly seeking MORE ENJOYMENT out of my food as well.  I needed satisfaction.

So slowly, through trial and much error, I slowly shifted my mindset and evolved out of the meal plan mentality and completely embraced the need for imperfection in my day.

I shared this info graphic with my #FreshStart2016 group last week so that as they grocery shopped for their goals, they would steer clear of perfection and set themselves up for a successful and enjoyable week.

MEATS AND CHEATS is a cornerstone of a mindset shift I want to accomplish not only with this #FreshStart2016 group, at Sweat in general, but really way beyond.

Fresh Start Grocery Guidelines (3)

“Can you write me a meal plan?” or “Just tell me what you are eating!” is a very common question or comment asked and while I have no problem sharing with you exactly what I do, it’s not something I enjoy answering because it’s totally irrelevant.

My body, my metabolism, my workouts, my schedule, my goal, my palette all get factored into the equation so…

your body, your metabolism, your workouts, your goal, your schedule, and your unique palette must be present every step of YOUR way as well!

But, while my exact meal plan won’t be of any use to you, the mindset, the psychology behind the #MEATSANDCHEATS totally is!!

One of the most important parts in eliminating binge eating has been prioritizing meats and cheats over anything else at the grocery store.  That’s right, what am I going to cheat on, is more important than what veggies I’m going to eat.

It’s not where are my veggies?  It’s where is my #BINGEPREVENTION for the week!!!

Proteins will fill you, fuel you, and shred you.  We should all love our proteins, whatever they may be!

Truthfully, I don’t care what kind you buy but acknowledge that some of us work well with high fats and some of us don’t.  Some of us have time to cook from scratch and some of us don’t!  Some of us can easily run to the store and find a high protein solution and others are stuck once they hit the office.

What you buy and how much you buy is entirely up to your life!  No generic meal plan can take care of those questions for you.  It’s introspective.

Cheats will keep you consistent and on track in the long run!  Cheats are to be incorporated daily.  Not avoided.

Done correctly and strategically, cheats actually keep you focused on your goals for the long term.  A daily cheat will keep the binge monster away.  That’s right…if you walk to the checkout counter from with an Instagram braggable shopping cart, I guarantee you a binge by mid-week.  Want to be more consistent with the high nutritional expectations you have for yourself then follow the pointers on the infographic.  Stay clear of binges.  Embrace the cheat!!!

Priority #1 in fat loss is not tupperware prepping!  It’s about finding solutions and work arounds that create change by making it enjoyable to repeat.  So the next time you walk into the grocery store and don’t have a clue what to buy…focus on the Meats and Cheats and huge part of the work has already been done for you!