In Fitness, Short Term Goals > Long Term

Here’s the thing…motivation comes in waves.  There are clear peaks and there are definite valleys, as well.

If you want to create EFFECTIVE, reachable goals, even during your low waves EMPHASIZE the short term

Step 1:  Your “I will be leaner/faster/stronger/healthier in 2016.” is NOT your goal.  It is your OUTCOME!!!!  It’s the end result!  It’s what you commit to accomplishing!

So write it down or tell someone important to you what you want to accomplish.

Why?  Because you need to put yourself ON THE HOOK!  It’s real this way!  

Make yourself accountable and even recruit your friends and family you trust to help you STAY accountable to what you want to do get off your bucket list.


Step 2:  Create a check list with the behavioral changes that need to take place in order for you to reach your outcome.  Those are your REAL GOALS – to establish behavior patterns that create your outcome.


Step 3:  Attack one change at a time.  I know you want to go “all in” especially when motivation is high like in January, but in order to win a war, you need to win some battles first, right?

It’s wise to give yourself some time to see how this one behavior change will ripple it’s effects into your daily living.

Be patient and give your body, your schedule, your budget, and even your family time to adjust!  Getting overwhelmed by too much is the reason most people quit or get disenchanted with their resolutions.


For example, something as “simple” as water, will take my body 2 weeks to adjust.  Here’s to lots of bathroom breaks!!

Step 4:  Finally, don’t forget to celebrate small wins!!

It might not make a sexy Instagram or FB post bc you might perceive other people are doing bigger and badder things than you, but it’s the little things, practiced over time that create BIG OUTCOMES!

Pat yourself on the back…somehow…every single time you get to check something off your “behavior goals” list.  And don’t be alarmed if what you originally thought was a small task needs to be broken down even further.  (That’s why I’m so damn excited about that water bottle!!  I need to celebrate each and every oz. I drink!!)

Focusing on the short term is how people “fall in love with the process!”  It’s how you figure out the tricks and hacks that make reaching your goal fun instead of work.

Now…your turn!

What do you want to accomplish in 2016?

What behavior changes need to take place?

What will you attack first???!!!