Should 100oz be your #newnormal?

Lifestyle is the way we live when we are on auto-mode.  It’s what we do without hardly thinking.  It’s easy.  It’s our normal.

In contrast, our monthly challenges are made to present you with the opportunity to focus on making positive lifestyle changes in one specific area that will equate to a healthier and leaner you.  It challenges you to step out of your comfort zone.

However, at some point, we not only expect you but WANT YOU to be in charge of the January #peeclear water challenge for yourself to ensure your true success.

By now, you should have discovered if 100 oz is too much or too little for your body.  You should be becoming aware at what points of your day water seems to have the biggest and most positive impact.  Does water early in the day or at lunch provide you with energy and reduce your appetite?  Are you noticing that water during the week is easy but when you are out of normal routine during the weekends that you struggle.  We hope you are also finding different ways you enjoy water- room temperature, icy cold, hot tea, adding fruit, maybe you find it beneficial to do the non-kosher thing and add a bit of flavoring to encourage yourself to stay hydrated.  If these types of questions and thoughts are entering your mind, congratulations, this very thing is what people call your “journey” or “your process.”

In essence this reflection gets you out of the “robotic diet mode” where you mindlessly follow a plan simply because it’s called a plan without any sense to your own needs and preferences.  If fueling your life with water is truly to become your NEW NORMAL then you absolutely must begin to empower yourself with the understanding that doing the healthy thing must also have a high level of benefit AND satisfaction at the same time.  Without those two things, this challenge will likely end for you shortly after the end of the month b/c it’s not sustainable.


1.  your amount of water so that you feel amazing, not so that you fulfill an arbitrary number.

2.  how your water tastes to ensure satisfaction and in turn sustainability.  Perfection is not sustainable!


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