January #peeclear Water Challenge

Books and articles all confirm that in terms of lifestyle changes when you are faced with two competing theories on how to tackle the fat loss solution, the simpler one is better.

Therefore, if you have the option of starting off January counting calories, carbs, fats, and proteins alongside overhauling your grocery list and pantry or simply getting your hydration right first, which is the most logical route to take?

It’s obvious, of course, yet we get duped into 30 day detoxes because they are wrapped in a “super sexy, hard core” badge of honor.  If you stick with whatever 21 day diet or 14 day detox you bought then I’m certain you will lose some weight but I also can look at the studies and see that you have a 95% chance of GAINING all your weight back and 66% of those will GAIN BACK MORE than before!!

Those numbers should immediately prompt you to find a different way.

At Sweat, we encourage you to take on ONE LIFESTYLE CHANGE per month.  The goal is to fully incorporate a change into our lives, schedules, and budgets before stacking on anything new.

We are asking everyone to commit to #peeclear and get 3L or 100 oz of water/day.  If you find that 100 oz is too much and it makes you feel over hydrated, by all means, reduce.  This is YOUR BODY and we want you to find the right amount for you!  If you find that you need more water, chug away!!!!  THIS IS YOUR JOURNEY and part of these challenges are all about being given the GREEN LIGHT to tweak a plan or goal so that it becomes custom tailored for your metabolism.


1.  Why water?

a.  It’s SIMPLE – Remember, when faced with two competing theories always pick the simplest.  This is budget friendly, measurable, and has an immediate impact on how your body functions!

b.  Better workouts- if your muscles are thirsty, they can’t push you through that extra mile uphill or those leg finishers at the end of Vain.

c. Efficiency- Water helps transport nutrients from your foods to your cells, regulates your hormones, aids in digestion, and kidney function.  In essence water makes your body one heck of an efficient machine.  

2.  Does tea, coffee, vitamin water…count?  Coffee does not count at all.  Although one cup of coffee will not dehydrate you either.  However, we ask that your liquids be clear.  We do not take a HARD LINE stance on anything because if you embrace the process of lifestyle change you know that people need a middle ground sometimes.  If you need to add some Crystal Light every once in a while to drink water with your lunch, then do it.  Is it the perfect choice, no.  BUT WHO CARES!  THIS IS YOUR JOURNEY.

How many times have you seen one of these or some variation of it:

Oftentimes, people DEFINE SUCCESS by how well they stuck to a plan.  However, lasting success will require you to PERSONALIZE, TWEAK, and BECOME COMFORTABLE with a “less than perfect” work around sometimes.  Do not make your journey about white knuckling your way through any plan!!  Research does NOT BACK UP this approach.

Begin 2015 building towards permanent lifestyle change.  Grab your water bottle and begin with hydration.  We hope that by the end of this month you find that drinking water is no longer a challenge but your NEW NORMAL!!