Happy NYs!!!

I’ve been struggling to write a New Years blog b/c, if you know me, you know I don’t believe in overhauls, detoxes, or 30 Day Shreds and  New Years is peak season for these super sexy and appealing methods of weight loss despite their dismal success rates.  I’ve had a little bit of bloggers block w/ the amount of trash that has filled my news feeds!!

As you finalize your NY Resolution list my wish is that in 2015 you resolve to get off the “be perfect,” “be super hard core,” and “anti-carb” bandwagons and decide to approach fat loss in a more balanced and healthful way.  You can and will get real, life long results by taking a different, admittedly less sexy, approach.

Here are a few pointers…

1.  FOLLOW the right people on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.  Ditch anyone that preaches workout guilt and fuels the anti-carb philosophies.  Fill your news feeds with people and organizations that understand the human body and mind.  Here’s a few to start you off:  Jen Sinkler- Thrive as the Fittest, Jill Fit Physiques, Metabolic Effect, and Coach Dos, Performance University, Functional Patterns.

2.  BE REFLECTIVE.  Part of human nature is to find and create patterns.  This is a great asset but also a downfall.  Step back and take notice of the behavior patterns that are not conducive to your fitness and wellness goals.

3.  FAIL, LEARN, SUCCEED.  Fat loss is not a straight forward journey.  Expect to have hiccups and bumps.  Learn to deal with them, give yourself GRACE, and forget the guilt.

4.  JOIN!  Yes…I think you should join Sweat but if not Sweat then JOIN anything that keeps you CONSISTENT, SAFE, ENERGIZED, AND EMPHASIZES PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION.    Behavior patterns are hard to break and the right support is crucial!!

5.  PICK ONE…I will preach this until the day I die…Forget the overhauls!!  Focus on ONE BEHAVIOR to incorporate or change.  Make sure it’s one that you can handle but will create results.  Once you have allowed that behavior to become routine then you can consider adding on another lifestyle change.  I started w/ limiting my alcohol to weekends not because alcohol is “bad” but because it was an emotional crutch.  I was stressed and instead of addressing the stress I drowned it in two big glasses of red wine per night.  I lost an entire dress size in 6-8 weeks by simply addressing that one behavior pattern.  I added weight training 3-4 times a week and wow…the changes in my body became even more obvious.  I didn’t throw away my pantry!  I didn’t spend $500 at the grocery store buying only organic foods either.  I either broke a bad pattern or created a new pattern…one step at a time.

Be safe this evening Sweat Fam!!  See you Friday!!