Goal Setting- 5 Tips

Want to achieve all those goals you are (hopefully) writing down for 2015?  Then you better make sure they are following some research based tips…

1.  Goals are specific and measurable!  If on your list you have “I want to lose weight” then you better make it read something closer to, “I will lose 5 lbs of body fat by March.”  Be bold and courageous enough to DEFINE success for yourself!

2.  Goals are challenging but attainable!  While you can lose water weight overnight, body fat takes time.  There is a line between pushing yourself and setting yourself up for failure.

3.  Identify goals as long term and short term!  Some of those loftier goals will need dates into the summer or fall!

4.  Identify which of your goals are outcome goals and which are behavior goals!  This one, to me, is as important as #1 on the list.  “I will eat vegetables 5 times/week” is an AWESOME goal!  This is a behavioral goal and what I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE about behavior goals is that we are in COMPLETE control of them.  Outcome goals like “I will lose 5 lbs of body fat by March” is an outcome goal and it is a result of a series of consistently executed behavioral goals, but we are not in complete control of our outcomes.  Some people w/ low thyroid function will not get the same results as those with normally functioning thyroids.  Men can burn fat more efficiently than women based on their hormonal composition.  Yes…FAT LOSS is neither a fair, linear, or predictable process!!!!  Get over it!!!!   Focus on your behaviors and results will follow!

5.  Tell someone about it.  This is probably the scariest because if we don’t accomplish our goal, we can keep that shame to ourselves and no one will know we failed.  However, research tells us that we NEED a peer group to get us through those tough moments, to hold us accountable, and to cheer us on.  You don’t have to tell the Facebook world about it, but you should not keep your goal a complete secret either!!

Now, sit down sometime this week and review your 2015 New Years Resolution List.  Make sure your goals have what research tells us make the best goals!!


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