Week 7- GREED #7DeadlySins

In terms of GREED, fitness icons can oftentimes be as bad as the most notorious of televangelists.  BOTH industries have been guilty of selling the impossible to the most desperate and vulnerable of souls.  Dr. Oz is Jimmy Swaggart, albeit without the prayers and tears but he’s got pill boxes and endorsements to match.  He might not cure you of cancer with a paid phone call but he sure will take an entire 60 minutes to prove to you that raspberry keytones are THE MISSING PIECE to your fat loss puzzle.  Coincidentally raspberry ketyones were the missing piece to his bank account.

I’m not knocking supplements, exercise videos, or television/youtube personalities.  I use supplements daily as you well know.  I have exercise videos to get me through a day I’m in a rut.  I also have my favorite fitness personalities I love to follow on social media.  They are PART OF my healthy lifestyle but I am extremely aware that none of those elements make a dent in my goals unless ME, MYSELF, AND I are focused in attaining and then MAINTAINING a goal.

You are your own magic pill.

Nothing but you will stop you from choosing a protein shake over a bag of chips as a snack.

Nothing but you will get you out of bed to exercise when sleeping in would feel easier.

Nothing but you will make you add fruits and vegetables to your grocery cart when a box full of crackers looks more enticing.

Nothing but you will get you to your gym or studio of choice after a long day of work when calling it a day would be simpler.

EVERY result hinges on YOU before anything else.  You don’t need a fat wallet to achieve your goals!!

Next week, we will talk about how to set attainable and maintainable goals for 2015.  For now, you have to think through the mental barriers that keep you from making permanent change.  Confront them.  PRIORITIZE your health.

For example:  
* “I’m over scheduled and have no time!”- Are you one of those people who thinks if I’m busy then I’m being productive.   Busy does not equate to BEING EFFECTIVE.  Let go of certain things in your life.  You don’t have to volunteer for every PTA or church event to be a valuable member of it’s community.  You don’t have to “do the most” in order to get the most out of life!!
* “Eating healthy is too time consuming!” –  Neuroscience tells us that any new routine you are trying to pull off is MENTALLY very taxing at first.  We have to think through each and every step so you are RIGHT, at first, eating differently is very tiring and overwhelming.  This is people FAIL at major overhauls at an overwhelming rate of 95%!!!  Based on this statistic is why we encourage people to start with ONE CHANGE AT A TIME.  It is much less “sexy” than the major diet overhauls out there and slower to drive results but research backs up it’s success rate!

WHAT ARE YOUR MENTAL BLOCKS?  Grab a sheet of paper.  List them.  Get to know them.  Next week, we will help get you through them!

#7Deadly Sins Fitness Challenge

 1.  Benchmark-

This is our last week of our #7DeadlySins Workout Challenge.  See you Monday!!!!


If we can agree on anything, it’s that life rarely works out exactly how we planned or envisioned.  The most perfectly written plan is no match for the twists and turns that life presents.  If you don’t have a survival kit in your car or purse, then you leave yourself very susceptible to the bad food choices like ordering fried foods at a restaurant or a fast food run.

Keep any or all of these in your car, purse, or desk:

1.  Low sugar trail mix- You will likely have to make this yourself as almost all trail mixes are glorified candy bars.  It’s important you pick dried fruit that isn’t overloaded with additional sugars.  You want the natural sugar from the fruit, just not the extra.  Fresh Market has a lot to choose from.

2.  Quest bars-  If you don’t know how to read labels then these 25grams of carbs could scare you.  Almost all of these carbs is dietary fiber which “doesn’t count” as the starchy carb we ask you to limit.

3.  FRUIT is fast food!-

4.  Certain veggies travel well too!-  Yes you will look very weird at the doctors office if you bite into a bell pepper like it’s an apple, but certain veggies don’t immediately point you out as the health freak- cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes, baby bell peppers, baby carrots, celery.

5.  Jerky-  READ THE INGREDIENT LIST!  Many jerkies are full of sugar in their recipes.  However, there are really great choices out in Target, Fresh Market, Publix etc.

3.  Activity-  We have added an extra day of Vain each week to focus on strength.  We hope to see you there.  Also, in January of 2015 our Yoga class will be very, very different.  Look for details this week!  For those who love a strength challenge what Karen and I are cooking up is not being done anywhere in HSV!