Body pics…so what?!?!

Once upon a not so distant past, THIS type of post/picture paralyzed me with fear.

You see, I’m an introvert by nature and have always preferred to not only be quiet but also not to be noticed.  My “teaching/coaching personality” is energetic and passionate, but, outside of my studio, I’m not only reserved, but downright bashful.   My voice quivers during public speeches and I easily blush if you draw any kind of attention my way.  The term wall flower definitely applies to me at parties.

So here I stand, shirt off, belly exposed, originally to use these pictures to show a before and after shot of me after my new spray tan from Blush.  They are coming to Sweat in February and offering all of you a great discount so I figured it would be nice for folks to see what a fast spray tan can do.  You will see the Blush details on social media later, but this blog isn’t about spray tanning it’s about BEING UNAPOLOGETIC and at peace with my imperfections to the point where body image fear is, for the most part, out the window.

I have, like anyone else, a vision of “where I’d like to be” and I’m not saying I’ve thrown in the towel by any means.  I enjoy working towards goals and achieving progress or even experiencing failure in my journey.  However, the never ending 6 pack pics on social media seem to suggest that we cannot be at ease with ourselves until we’ve carved out each and every muscle on our bodies.

What a sad, sad message!

So…here is my 0-pack, served up to you with and without a spray tan, a sincere smile, and a comfortable and healthy sense of body image!  Here’s to strength, health, progress, and balance triumphing over perfection!