Shred vs Beast Mode

The #1 thing I want you to understand is that gaining muscle AND losing fat DOES NOT HAPPEN AT THE SAME TIME.

When you shred, you are LOSING both fat and muscle at the same time.  How you eat determines your ratio of fat to muscle loss.  Obviously your goal is to lose as much fat and retain as much muscle as possible.  Which is what we do in Diet Rebellion.

When you are in “Beast Mode” or Strength mode you are GAINING fat and muscle at the same time.  How you eat determines the ratio of fat to muscle gain.  Obviously your goal is to gain as LITTLE fat and as MUCH muscle as possible.

Below is a short 8 minute video explaining how to do this properly.

And for those who have decided to swear off Beast Mode simply because it means you will gain a bit of fat in the process, I’m here to tell you that you WILL CONTINUE TO STRUGGLE if you do not embrace the art of going back and forth between periods of calorie deficits and surpluses.

It is your ability to lead yourself through both that creates the strong, lean physique you are on a mission to achieve.  WATCH BELOW!!


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