Just chill… it can wait til 2017!!!

After a big week of food, fun, and travel, it may surprise you to hear me ask you to put all your fat loss/weight loss goals on the back burner until around January or even February.

That “Monday after” all the fun is high time for big (unachievable) goals like “no more wine til New Year’s” or “no more bread until Christmas” or “only meat and veggies until Christmas Eve” but all those statements are REACTIONS to the weekend and not REAL, TRUE, DIE HARD motivation to #GSD!

When people stubbornly keep a goal (usually fat loss) for several months in a row, they NATURALLY just lose steam and focus.  

And truly, there is literally nothing odd, weird, or wrong with getting FATIGUED with a particular goal no matter how important it once seemed.


No one gets an endless stream of motivation from which to pull from.  

You can drain that resource.

What’s worse, you can BURN OUT if you don’t know how to switch gears.

In Diet Rebellion, my private online coaching community, we dive deep into why it’s actually IMPORTANT that you listen to the dip in interest and turn on what I like to call the “MaintenanceMode” button where the goal is simply but IMPORTANTLY… to keep yourself exactly as you are.  (EVEN IF YOU AREN’T AT GOAL!)
That’s right!  I need you to hit pause on ALL your fat loss or physique change goals for 4-12 weeks and simply work on keeping the changes you’ve achieved up to this point.

You see…

Reaching for a goal is much harder than actually keeping it so by switching gears you are allowing for a MOTIVATIONAL re-boot!

With the change of holiday pace, increase in parties, and travel to see friends and family, it’s MORE THAN ENOUGH and even HARD AS HELL to just focus on conservation.

I understand it’s tempting after a big Thanksgiving or Christmas splurge to swear off all processed sugar, all wine, and all breads but what I see most often happen when people REACT this way to food guilt is create a FOMO eating pattern.

FOMO is the Fear Of Missing Out and since all indulgences have all of a sudden become forbidden, the desire for them can increase… uncontrollably so.

As a response to the food anxiety, extra exercise, and less food strategies I see floating around, I created “On The Verge.”

This is 24 days of free high access online coaching.  You’ll have daily access to me and full access to my secret Facebook group, Diet Rebellion from Dec. 5- Dec. 29th.

Inside, I’ll teach you and help you practice Maintenance Mode and coach you through a #trackwhatyourack strength training technique that will kick your tail daily!

Enrollment is open now until Dec. 4th.

on-the-verge-1What I want you to experience is the release in pressure by practicing Maintenance Mode December by staying “on the verge” of those 2017 New Year’s Resolutions.

You will be more capable of taking risks having given yourself time to reflect on what works for you and what you enjoy practicing.

You will be ready to catch a new wave of motivation so that the beginning months of the year are full of results and not more frustration!

If this sounds interesting but a bit confusing or a bit too new for you to fully take on solo without a bit of added coaching, get into this program and we’ll hack it out together.

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