Pool Snack Stacking

When I think of pool life, I fantasize of a really relaxed couple of hours with my kids and friends.

However, #realmomlife talk here…

The 45 minutes leading up to the pool and the 45 min breakdown can sometimes make going to the pool more work than it’s worth.

Bathing suits, lotions, noodles, water guns, bubbles, and when my kids were little, those damn water diapers!!  Add in snacks and there have been moments, I’d just pray for rain instead.

So, last week I sat down to plan out how I was going to pack food for the pool this year so that I could AUTOMATE the process and involve very little thinking.  This worked GREAT for me this year when making the kids’ lunches for school so I knew I needed to do the same thing for our water time.

What I ended up coming up with was a Snack Stacking Formula dependent on the amount of rest breaks we planned to stay that day.

I am sharing my list with you below and sending out a blank printable to my Sweat Unfiltered list tomorrow morning.  You can join here.

The main idea is that pool time should neither a “Free for All” binge nor a “Fear it All” salads and macros obsession.

I start with a very easy, solid BASE where I can pick as many or as few foods from the drink, fruit, veggie, dip, and fun category.

My base is set for 2 rest breaks which means I don’t need to bring tons of food for just a 2 hour stay.  2 hours is my minimum pool commitment with the kids.  It is super important to me to pick foods that come “naturally” prepackaged like apples or that I could buy already cut and packaged so I could just grab, dump, and go.

From my base, I stack on more foods… 3-4 rest breaks WILL DEFINITELY require heavier foods.

Here is where I begin to emphasize proteins but they must be easy, NO COOK, and quickly #proteinbombsandwich-able.

Notice, things like PB and cottage cheese work really well with the veggies and fruits from my Base.  This is NOT a mistake.  Totally by design.  Automation that sticks has to have elements of efficiency!

Anything over 4 rest breaks, which is quite rare for me actually, means I stack on the “heavy artillery” in terms of proteins.  Here is where left overs and grab and go heavy proteins will come into play.

Pool Side Jeidi List (2)

By all means steal this info-graphic for your own or customize one to fit your family and tastes.  Like I said, I’ll be sending a blank sheet to the Sweat Unfiltered crew tomorrow morning.

The main thing I want you to embrace and push for is “process creation.”  Less thinking.  More action.

For sure… this list will get tweaked through the Summer.

I never go into process creation believing I’ve got it down round one!!!  But, I’ve got a plan moving and in action.  The details will fall into place when I experience the successes and failures along the way and that, my friends, is exactly what the fitness “journey” is actually all about… Customizable Process Creation!!!!




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