Post-Cheat days…How to DE-BLOAT!

De-Bloat after a Cheat DayI hope you were able to enjoy letting go a bit of your usual “eat right” routine.  There’s a time and a place to not think of food in terms of fueling, or calories eaten, or carbs earned.  A healthy lean eaters knows the value being mentally present with people and friends and not feel guilt or shame when eating outside of their normal rules.

With that said, there’s a good chance that you woke up a bit bloated or maybe even lethargic today because of the extra salt and sugars you took in yesterday.  No…you didn’t gain 10 lbs in one weekend!  You are retaining water, so you just need to help your body get rid of it…

1.  Increase your water intake.  I know…you will be in the bathroom “all day.”

2.  Veggies– cause fiber.

3.  Sweat!-  today is a great intense exercise day.  You’ve got the stored up energy in your muscles to do it and you need to detox

4.  B Vitamin Complex- now you are going to pee a bright, nuclear yellow color all day with all that extra water but B vitamins give you energy and also act as a diuretic.  2 birds- one stone!!

Easy, healthy, and simple- just the way we like life to be always.  In a day or two, I promise you will feel yourself again.  Just, please, promise me you WILL NOT SKIP MEALS to “un-do” whatever you ate yesterday.  That will get you to binge later and keep you bloated!


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