Memorial Day Weekend Tips

memorial day weekend Repetition and consistency matched with FLEXIBILITY are markers of successful lifestyle changes.

Are you going to be an angel Memorial Day weekend?  No.

Should you be? No.

It’s what you do MORE OFTEN THAN NOT that has the greatest impact on your body composition and your future fat loss results.

Knowing that cheats will be everywhere and at all hours this weekend, use these THREE TIPS to keep you on track.

1.  BREAKFAST AS USUAL.  There’s something to those meal replacement shakes at the beginning of my day that fills me up and keeps me energized.  Make it a rule to start holidays like ANY OTHER DAY.  “Saving” your calories for later, sets you up for an uncontrollable binge later.  OVERALL, you will eat fewer calories by starting your day exactly the way you know does your body good!

2.  SMALL PLATES.  If you kept up with our blog during the Mindless Eating Challenge, you should remember that even if you THINK the small plate strategy doesn’t work, the RESEARCH PROVES YOU WRONG.

mindless eating
mindless eating

Big plates = BIG PORTIONS = BIG caloric consumption

3.  METABOLIC WORKOUT.  Sweat’s open Saturday, Sunday, AND MONDAY b/c Memorial Day Weekend is a WORKOUT HOLIDAY!!!  Even Vain will have a metabolic spin to it.  Get that Monday holiday workout in this weekend and don’t forget our class package special, 5 FREE CLASSES w/ purchase of 10 class package available Friday-Monday.BUY 10 (1)