I’m waiting …

  1. for my work schedule to slow back down.
  2. for the weather to get warmer.
  3. to finish up this project.
  4. for my kids’ baseball season to end.
  5. for my big work trip to pass.
  6. for the holidays to end.
  7. for life to settle down.
  8. for kids to go back to school.
  9. to find the time again.
  10. to feel motivated again.

Sound familiar?

More often than not, getting hard things done, is a series of uncomfortable sacrifices.

It’s no wonder we create a WAITING game!

We hope one discomfort will end, settle down, or pass by before adding in another to our already busy lives.

It makes total sense… until we really sit down and consider how powerless this leaves us.

To wait means that our wants, wishes, and desires and completely DEPENDENT on someone or something else.

Rather than design, carve, or battle our way through, we take a complacent route and allow any resistance to fade or diminish on it’s own, if it so desires, whenever it pleases.

It’s fall and I’m listening to people left and right allow themselves to be overtaken by their schedules or their lack of motivation as if they don’t have a say so.

And so a big fat dose of tough love with the #ShutTheRutUp Challenge.

You can and you do have options.

And it’s actually a research based motivated technique that an UNMOTIVATED ACTION towards your goal actually BEGINS the process of producing that big fat feel good motivation drug you’re just sitting and waiting for to hit you upside the head.

So let’s start chatting ACTION steps:

  1. FRAME IT. – It’s a choice, not a chore.

 There is an empowering effect in taking action because we simply WILL ourselves to do so. To see the path chosen as difficult and actually BEYOND the call of normal duty, is PROOF TO OURSELVES that we are IN CONTROL of ourselves.

Locus of control (google that term) is a key element in beginning unmotivated action.

  1. CONNECT IT. – Our “Why” is a CORE VALUE not a number.

 A dress size, a race pace, a number on the scale, a PR on the barbell … they are outcomes of the bigger picture.

Tenacity, grit, dedication, resilience, perseverance, courage, audacity are just a few of the personal traits attached to reaching a goal.

It’s what you have to dig into in order to finish your run on a cold winter morning when it’s sprinkling outside.

It’s what you have to hold onto when falling back into your old eating routine is the more comfortable route.

Take the time THINK about what the outcome actually means to you on a deeper personal level. If you can’t find that kind of “why” it’s going to be a rough road ahead when you meet your inevitable friend, resistance.

  1. VISUALIZE IT. – See the victory once. See the obstacles twice.

Seeing ourselves winning, that’s the easy part. Do you spend the time to envision the obstacles along the way and how you’re going to solve them?

The week long work trip where you’re not in command of your schedule or even your food,

the busy schedule with 3 kids that have 3 different activities to attend at 3 different places,

the comfortable, warm bed you have to leap out of to get your workout in.

They are realities and are PART OF and not EXCLUSIONS to your goal.  Dominating these obstacles is where your sense of self satisfaction comes from.  It’s actually not the number.  This goes back to your CORE VALUE.

Expect opposition and don’t be afraid to visualize what it feels like, looks like, and what it’s going to take to steer your way through it.

  1. DIVIDE IT. – What are you responsible for TODAY?

Don’t be afraid to DREAM BIG. However, the next crucial step is to dissect it into smaller manageable parts.

What are you responsible for next month, this month, this week, today, hell… right now???? This could simply be:

  1.  make sure my workout clothes are clean
  2.  set the alarm and allow time to snooze
  3.  get the kids school lunches ready so that the morning isn’t crazy hectic

Meeting a goal is hardly  heroic.  It’s downright mundane and tedious at times.

Get it done anyways.

  1. SOLVE IT. – Rigidity creates anxiety. Flexibility creates solutions.

Life doesn’t have to conform to what you write down on paper. Having a set plan is great. It puts you on the hook. It gives you clear standards and direction.   And I get that sticking to things as they get tough is part of seeing a goal through.

However, if you keep running into the same brick wall, maybe it’s TIME TO PIVOT!!!!

Change your angle a bit. Isn’t it worth avoiding a storm again if it simply means turning the sails a few degrees east or west?

When I designed #ShutTheRutUp to be 20 classes in 30 days, it was, in part, to allow everyone room to wiggle, tweak, and pivot.

30 in 30 may sounds super sexy… but not to those who actually understand what it takes to #GSD.

Remember, the next time you tell yourself you are waiting to do X, Y, or Z you have literally stripped yourself of your own personal power.

You’ve become DEPENDENT on someone or something to get what you wish, desire, and is truly important to you.

And while waiting presents a very comfortable frame of mind because it puts the blame outside of ourselves, the reality is that we are capable of anything when take full ownership of our journey.

Waiting for time, money, people, or motivation to spontaneously align with our wishes, wants, desires, and goals is lazy at best and more often than not it’s us showing up powerless in life.

Rather than wait like a prey, take the opposite route.


Frame the desire.

Connect it to a deeper value.

Visualize yourself tackling difficulties and fears knowing that there is an inevitable resistance in life.

Divide the goal so your focus is maximized.

Place a higher value on solutions over plans.


See you October 9th – Grab your #ShutTheRutUp Class Pack HERE!

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