5 Reasons You’re Still Over Eating And How To Stop

“If I could just stop over eating at night, I’d finally lose the weight!”

“If I could just control my portions at dinner, I’d get rid of this belly.”

Not a month goes by where I don’t hear some form of this complaint.  It’s super common, btw, for both men and women.  This is not a “girl” eating problem.  It’s a busy AF HUMAN PROBLEM so if you’re constantly “missing the mark” or “off track” with dinner, let’s chat.

First, you need to know that I 100% relate and empathize w/ anyone struggling w/ the non-stop, continuous, calorie bomb dinner as this was one of my biggest issues as well.

When hangry, I can out eat a large, adult male no problem.  “Healthy” food, “junk” food and everything in between food… if I’ve let my hunger get away from me, it’s gonna be gone, cookie monster style.  

Every single excuse/fear/obstacle below while it might be yours, you need to know, it was my own once upon a time, as well.

I get it.  I lived it.  I struggled with it.  I beat it. 

And that’s why when I get an email, a DM, or an after class conversation dealing with this topic, I can’t dismiss it w a “PORTION CONTROL” technique.

Cause in all actuality DINNER AIN’T THE PROBLEM!!

It’s EXPRESSED at dinner, but the root of the issue, UNDER EATING, actually began waaaaaaaaay before that.  So in order to get out of the over eat cycle, you’ve got to sort through some WHY are you under eating baggage first.

Ready to get your hands dirty?

1.  The Problem:  “There’s no time.”

Morning time is a rush.  Work gets in the way.  And before you know it, it’s 2 pm and you’ve eaten only 500 calories.

The Solution:  You don’t manage time. You manage yourself.

Time cannot be controlled.  It’s by definition UNMANAGEABLE.  It runs, non stop, at it’s pace, with or without your permission.  It is neither created nor destroyed.

You, on the other hand, are capable of being managed.  You can set boundaries, you can ask for help, you can re-arrange, cancel, or delegate.

None of which are easy btw!!!  I hear that.  My studio is filled w/ over achievers!!  This crew DOES A WHOLE LOTTA BIG STUFF DAY IN AN DAY OUT.  Gah!  They will “do it themselves” b/c they CAN even though they shouldn’t sometimes.

However, self management, not time, is a big piece of the puzzle.

2.  The Problem:  “… About last night.” 

Oh, you see, I ate an entire box of Cheerios last night.  (or drank a bottle of wine, or the whole bag of chips, or super sized all the things)  Today, I’ve got to make up for that.

The Solution:  So what? Try Intermittent Fasting.

Okay, so you didn’t get things perfect last night.  Today is actually a BRAND NEW DAY and an awesome opportunity to get things right.  No need to punish yourself w/ a super low calorie day.

Might I suggest a a day of Intermittent Fasting?  In other words, plan on having a reasonable calorie day, but yeah… I get you may not be hungry at 6:15am considering what might have happened last night.

How about you plan on having breakfast 14-16 hours after your stopped eating last night.  BREAK THE FAST LATER than usual, but still plan on having your usual active, adult calories in the day.

This might look like this:

Breakfast:  11am

Lunch:  2:30pm

Dinner:  5:30pm

Snack:  7:30pm celebratory “made it” glass of wine before bed

3.  The Problem:  “I wasn’t hungry.” 

So often people MISS their hunger signals.  We oftentimes believe hunger is supposed to be felt in the stomach and that we should be fantasizing about food.

Not so.


The Solution:  Have a snack!!

If you’re “always sleepy at 2pm” or “can’t stay awake at 3pm” or “yelling at everyone” for no good reason, say hello to HUNGER.  Your mood just swung.  EAT.

4.  The Problem:  “I’m so good during the day.”

That perfect protein shake in the morning:  150 calories

That perfect snack 3 hours later:  100 calories

That perfect lunch you got from that 6 pack Instagram model:  200 calories

That perfect mid afternoon snack:  0 calories b/c you’re just gonna “make it” til dinner.

The solution:  Stop eating like bodybuilder

Being “stage ready” is not NORMAL!!!!!!  It’s not even NORMAL for bodybuilders!!!!!!!!!

Clean up your damn news feed and follow men and women that yes… you admire… but for more than their bodies!  Are they living a lifestyle that INCLUDES food or is it all about EXCLUSION????

5.  The Problem:  “I’m on a diet”

So you wanna lose weight?  Cool.


The Solution:  Chase CONSISTENCY!!!

Sorry not sorry to break it to you but just because it looks good on paper, doesn’t mean it’s the right solution for you.



Then TWEAK IT.  And keep tweaking it until you are at a place where you can honestly say you are hitting the mark 7 or 8 out of 10 times.

Once this is easy, then you can ADD another LAYER of difficulty.

CONSISTENCY is king of results so make sure that what you’re repeating are actually patterns you want to see over and over again.

If all you’re actually doing is repeating an over eat cycle, then you’re actually not in a diet at all?  You’re miserable, confused, and frustrated.  Solve for consistency!!!!

I am 100% aware that the over/under eating cycle is not solved overnight.  (Oh, no…It’s one of those “fitness journey”  or “this is a marathon, not a sprint” type deals. Vomit.)

I hear you on that so…  start w/ #2 and/or #3 first.

They are both ACTIONABLE immediately and allow you to experiment in real time – Less fru fru mindset work.  Oh, and tomorrow I’m sending out an email w/ 5 super easy breakfast ideas for anyone who “has no time” and isn’t mentally at a place, quite yet, where they are going to manage themselves vs time right now.

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