#ShutTheRutUp Challenge


A 30 day hardcore exercise challenge that will shut down your excuses, shake up your routine, and shift you into fat burning gear.

October 9th – Nov. 7, 2017


“I’m in such a rut.”

“I’m just waiting for my motivation to finally kick back in!”

“I just can’t seem to get back on track.”

Those feelings are so common but also so powerful in the fall.  They can derail us quickly especially with holiday parties and tailgating on the rise.

As a result, people have asked (well really BEGGED) for us to BRING BACK our super popular #twentyin30 challenge.

They keep telling us:

  • how insanely motivated and dedicated they felt,
  • how the extra guidance made the hardcore goal reachable, and
  • how lean and strong they got by taking classes outside of their comfort zones.

In other words, they got consistent AF, razor focused, and stepped outside of their usual so they got the fast and furious changes in their bodies they’ve always wanted.

Uhm… how could we say “NO” TO THAT????  So…

MARK YOUR CALENDARS cause on Monday, October 9th (directly AFTER Fall Break) we are gonna help you #ShutTheRutUp and challenge you to get another #twentyin30.

That means you must:

  1. Complete 20 classes in 30 days
  2. A total of:
    • 8 must be strength based – (Vain or Hybrid)
    • 8 must be cross training based – (MetCon5, Drenched, Punch, TRX, Hybrid)
    • 4 must be active recovery – (Yoga, Glutes/Mobility)
  3. Your trainer must sign off that you’ve completed class using our #ShutTheRutUp calendars that WE WILL PROVIDE for you.
  4. I’ll have the “excuses” covered by providing, inside our private FB group,  3 at home workouts in case life throws you a few curve balls.

Oh, and if you COMPLETE those 4 requirements and successfully shake up your routine, we’re gifting you with a sweatlocal logo shaker.


  1. For existing members:  
    1. No purchase necessary.  You commit to us, we commit to you.  
    2. Grab your #ShutTheRutUp Calendars when you come to class the week of October 9th.  
    3. If you’re not already in the sweatlocal private FB group, request Entry HERE.  We will be doing tons of holiday nutrition coaching inside.  
  2. For non-members:  
    1. We’ve got a specially priced class package for you. $149
    2. This class package BEGINS October 9th and expires Nov. 7th.  No exceptions, please.  
    3. With this class package I’ll add you to the sweatlocal members group where we will be diving deep into the nutrition tools and strategies to handle the candy, alcohol, and holiday parties that wreck havoc on your waist line.  
    4.  Request Entry HERE and on October 9th you will be added.  


  1.  What if I miss a day of class during the week?  As long as you get a TOTAL OF 8 lifts, 8 cross training classes 4 Active Recovery Classes, your shaker will be waiting for you.  Remember, we also have 5 at home workouts inside the FB group.
  2. How do I show you I did the at-home workout to get credit on the calendar?  Super simple.  All you need to do is upload a 1 minute video into our PRIVATE facebook group and tell us which video you did.  This worked great for the last challenge because folks weren’t being asked to put videos on THEIR PERSONAL pages.
  3. What about food?  Nutrition?  Will you guide us?  All coaching is done INSIDE of the private Facebook group.  Yes… I am happy to answer all your nutrition related questions however, I do not coach fat loss this time of year.  I do not believe that is the appropriate approach heading into the holidays.  Our focus will be about how to INCLUDE vs. EXCLUDE foods.
  4. Do I have to be a Sweat member?  Nope… but you do need the #ShutTheRutUp class package.
  5. What if I want to take more than 20 classes? As a member your membership is unlimited, you can totally take more with no penalty of course.  Non-members, you’ve got 20 classes in your class packs.  If you need additional classes, make sure to hit me up personally for a special discount on a drop in.