The Misuse of Will Power: A Case for Fruit Loops

I have a problem with the belief that we must eat perfectly to get results quickly.

It’s 100% erroneous.

The amount of attempts at “perfect dieting” in someone’s lifetime justifies the huge frustration people undergo every January with resolutions and every March with what I call “Spring Break Fear!”

These are traditionally times of the year where people condone the use of extreme and metabolically damaging fat loss techniques in the name of results.

We learn and become very astute at MISUSING OUR WILL POWER.

I don’t have an issue with SOME will power being used with food.  There are actually some real healthy techniques we’ll be digging deep into with the Spring Break Fear group in March, but the idea that when you raid your pantry for goodies that the problem lies in your lack of will power is hugely misinformed.

For many men and women, when they gorge, when they have that “cookie monster” binge, it’s oftentimes because they have misused their will power earlier in the day or week and have entered a more “primal” state of mind where will power doesn’t even exist.  Only self preservation lies.

  • We work on learning from binges… not shaming ourselves in them.

In others words, once you understand you gorged because of deprivation, not because of a character flaw, you become much less of a self bully and more of a detective.  You are less likely to live in that miserable food guilt, and empower yourself with the knowledge to reduce and even eliminate that behavior.  That’s FOREVER fat loss!

  • We work in REVERSE from the binge to explore things like…

a.  when the urge for sugar or fat initially began.

b.  if the urge is a result of too few calories all together or too little sugar, protein, or fat earlier in the day.

c.  if the urge is a result of too much exercise or simply added intensity.

  • Based on what we find, then we come up with SOLUTIONS.

First evidence, then protocol…NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!

The long lost step in getting your food problems taken care of…

You don’t decide on your next step until you’ve gathered your facts!

So, if we come to learn that your “perfect” diet results in a binge 3 times a week, we need to step away from that “all or nothing” mental block and be open to adding STRATEGIC IMPERFECTIONS throughout the week so that 3,500 calories off binges in a week stop effecting your kick ass workouts.

There lies my case for the damn FRUIT LOOPS!

Sometimes you just shouldn’t have the Instragram #foodporn braggable post-workout meal with organic blueberries and farm raised eggs and gluten free bread.

Sometimes you gotta quiet the beast.

You gotta kill the craving BEFORE it turns into a caloric monster!!!

Eat the 300 calorie bowl of fruit loops if it means you won’t binge tonight!  Eat the 300 calorie bag of skittles if it means you won’t eat the entire row of Oreos tonight.



Last I checked 300 calories is still way less than 1200.  When you realize that your pursuit of perfect is actually earning you an extra 900 calories that night… you’ll stop feeling validated by perfect, cut yourself a little slack,  and make the RIGHT decisions for yourself guilt free.   Sometimes that bowl of Fruit Loops is a real WIN… not a nutritional failure!

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I cannot wait to completely transform your March and your journey into a productive, results driven, mind altering month!!!

Spring Break Fear (2)

See you in March for some amazing coaching and transformation