#zero (1)

If you follow my blog or Sweat Unfiltered you know me as quite an emotional and happy person.  I’ve been through some things, come out better, and prefer to be blatantly and brutally honest about my life rather than hide in shame.

I like to live life openly.

That feels good.

That feels right.

Honesty ranks as my top CORE belief as a parent, wife, and entrepreneur.

But… I do have a “darker” side.  I do possess at least one super power I could use for evil if I chose to:

I’m exceptionally good at ERASING people out of my life.

I can make you disappear.

You can be in my life for years, but when crossed, when honesty is breached, I can literally flip a switch, detach quickly, no blood, no scab, no scar.


You’re gone.

It doesn’t hurt me.

You can’t feel pain for what doesn’t exist, right?

So, with all the #loveyourworkout stuff from last week, I, all of a sudden, felt my dark side asking to come through, asking for a voice because I find people putting an exorbitant amount of emotional value in trying to “fix” other people instead of putting all that energy onto themselves.

#noEffsgiven can be used to be a classic empty bitch, but my version has everything to do with moving on, moving forward, preserving your authenticity rather than being hurtful, unkind, or changing others.

See!  I use my super power for good… not evil.

This week, on FacebookInstagram, and at the studio we’re going to draw your attention into the many ways #noEFFSgiven relates to your fitness and lifestyle goals.  We hope you find sneaky ways to add that hashtag into your social media.  I don’t want to miss a #noEFFSgiven moment!

In Sweat Unfiltered, which I’m sending out bright and early tomorrow morning… I’m going to show you STEP BY STEP what I PERSONALLY DO to easily take the toxic and neutralize it.  I’m not talking hate here people.  I’m talking an emotional vacuum because you can’t have feelings for what doesn’t exists, right?  Poof… vapor, #byefelicia.