Prohibition… weekend 1… Insert Favorite Cuss Word

#Prohibition2016 is all about

SKILL power over WILL power!!

Hopefully you saw the blog on Sunday and you understand that this whole thing isn’t some random hard core month of deprivation where we ball up into a fetal position crying for our treats all in the name of losing 5 lbs.

Reality check, though…

Weekends are a different beast!


Please walk into this first weekend fully understanding that!!!

Many times we depend on the hustle and strict schedule of the week to hold us to particular boundaries!  That’s totally fine… just remember…

That safety net is GONE on Fridays and won’t return for another 72 hours!!

As you head into the weekend take into account…

  •  Are you equipped with replacements that can/will easily BLEND into a particular social event?  If you gave up wine or beer because you go overboard with that, is it okay for you to have a vodka tonic or something low sugar?  It’s alcohol but not the kind that makes you go overboard.  You will sip on it, but you won’t abuse it.  See… to me that a HUGE WIN!!!  That’s the skill sets I’m looking for you to develop with #prohibition2016.

    Is it super sexy hard core?  Is it Instagrammable?

     Probably not, b/c you’re actually admitting to the fact that you are human by having that adult beverage…BUT did you find a way that you can blend into the scene and relax without binge drinking?  What’s your end goal?

  • So… you don’t always know where you are going to be and what you are going to be doing nor for how long you will be doing it on a weekend, right?

    Have you given any thought to the moment you get stuck too long at your kids’ events?  What are you going to do when you swore off candy and all you are left with is a concession stand?

    Take 5 minutes to consider, what’s in your purse, what’s in your car?  This is an AWESOME skill set to have!

    Being prepped for the unpreppable… the surprise… the doctor’s visit that took 2 hours too long, the being stuck in traffic, the being stuck in a meeting.  SKILL SETS PEOPLE!!!  In my world, THIS is what the Quest bars and protein packets were made for.  Supplements don’t create results.  YOU create them.  Supplements fill in the gaps and you SHOULD always be portable food ready… but especially on the weekend!!

  • OMG… I fully expect on weekend 1 for some of your cravings to be massive!  You need to have a few tricks up your sleeve and make sure those replacements have the ELEMENT OF ENJOYMENT on FULL BLAST.

    Maybe apples and peanut butter hits the spot for chocolate on a weekday, maybe fizzy water is perfect for a Wednesday night, but on a Saturday at home?  Really?

     Plug into us on Instagram and SnapChat b/c I’ll be making suggestions all week and weekend on possible ways for you to increase enjoyment into your replacements.  Remember skill power over will power!!!!

(I’ll be sending out this calendar and few extra tips and tricks to my Sweat Unfiltered group on Thursday.  You are welcome to join the newsletter here.  I email this group once a week with my best and most personal stuff.)

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