No… maybe you shouldn’t drink a post workout shake!!!!

Very interesting to me when isolated and random conversations amongst people who don’t really know each other have one common theme.

This week it was PROTEIN POWDERS.

What do I buy, where do I buy it, when do I use it etc.

I spoke with women who honestly were using protein powder post workout b/c they felt OBLIGATED and this feeling of “have to” was actually leading to some bigger problems later in the day.

So let’s solve this little dilemma….

How and when you use protein powder should be all about PURPOSE…

  • Convenience- If you have the time to eat a meal… do that… even if it’s immediately post workout.  If your only other option is to fast and go hungry, most definitely prep a shake.

What I’m concerned about is listening to women who are feeling chained to drink a shake as if their whole workout will be a loss otherwise.  I know what the research says.  I’ve read it.  I understand what a wonderful thing it is to have something that gets easily absorbed by your body to replenish you.

However, that “ease” is what can then lead to hunger issues later.  Your body has used up it’s fuels really fast replenishing your intense workout.  Now what?  Now, you are at work in the middle of errands, famished, and nothing convenient to eat.

Unchain yourself from RULES.  #DOYOU!  Set yourself up for a successful day for you!

I DON’T DRINK A SHAKE POST WORKOUT!!!!  Why?  Because I save the convenience of a supplement for later in my day when I won’t have a stove or a fork available…because I have come to understand that I actually work best by NOT having something that absorbs into my body super fast…because I am more likely to binge or overeat later if I don’t have a hardy meal post workout.

Just because it looks great in a research paper does not make it the best choice for you!!!

So now that the convenience factor has been settled now you have to consider…

  • Meal Replacement? If your shake is REPLACING a whole food meal, you need to ADD calories.

Most whey proteins will come in at about 100-150 calories are low carb and low fat carb so your job is to add that in so you enjoy your meal and it also fuels you properly.

Adding berries or bananas for carbs, kale/spinach for added fiber and B vitamins, unsweetened almond milk for flavor and texture, and a TB or two of coconut oil or PB for fats helps make this portable meal complete and satisfying.

Yes… your protein shake should absolutely come packed with 250+ calories if this is a MEAL REPLACEMENT for you!!!

Just a side note for all of us muscle loving folks… who says you can’t have a scoop and a half or two scoops of protein in your shake?  I don’t necessarily limit myself to just one.  If my lunch usually has 5 oz of chicken and I have to drink a shake b/c life got hectic, this lady here does not think twice about going 1.5- 2 scoops.  I’m not worried about that “extra” 50-100 calories I’ve just added!!

I do not design my day around fat loss.  I design my day so that I am never hangry nor vulnerable to binges.  THAT IN TURN has led to my fat loss.

  • Post-Workout/Snack? If your sole purpose is simply to hit yourself up with a bit of protein and an hour later eat a more complete meal, then YES, drink what I call a “naked” protein shake:  Water + protein powder or unsweetened almond/coconut milk + protein powder.  DO NOT EXPECT A 100-150 CALORIE POWDER to hold you off hunger wise for more than 60 minutes though.

I hear of a lot of women complain that they just “lose it” at 3pm and binge.  They don’t want to stop and eat a mini meal before dinner because they want to:

a.  save themselves the calories for dinner (set up for binge btw)

b.  are too busy helping kids with homework and prepping dinner

c.  are stuck in a meeting or too busy at work.

HELLO!!!!  It takes less than 60 seconds to grab a glass or a water bottle, shake up that protein powder, and get your glucose back up so you can think, function, and not binge on those Cheez Its you gave the kids for their after school snack.

Are you expecting your 100 calorie protein powder to be your “breakfast” post workout?  Lawd, I hope not!!!!  “Naked” protein shakes are not meal replacements.  They are either a post workout hit of protein replenishment or a #bingeprevention #hangerprevention snack!  This week on our SnapChat (SweatHuntsville) I promise to show you all of my post workout meals and shakes.

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