Why CHEATING helps you lose weight and how to do it right!

I am enjoying IMMENSELY coaching 21 women through my Spring Break Ready (SBR2016) online group.  And while I’m doing tons of teaching, I have to tell you that they have re-sparked my interest in cooking and recipes so you have them to thank for some of the amazing recipes that will be coming your way.

With that said, I want to show you a slide from last Sunday’s coaching webinar I had with them because I know that with 12 weeks left before the pool opens, #SpringBreakFear and #BikiniFear is in full swing.

I’m totally expecting a movement of women and men doing the EXTREME thing to shed weight and while in a short blog it’s really hard for me to convince you to choose a different route, let me at least persuade you to CHEAT and to CHEAT DAILY!

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  1.  CHEATING is simply a sexy term for COMPROMISE.

    When your head has turned the shred mode button on full blast, it’s super hard to convince yourself to cheat.  Cheating feels like a loss.  Cheating feels like you aren’t following what you set out to do.  Cheating makes you feel weak.  My belief is that your perspective of cheating is totally off.

    Don’t sell a cheat to your “diet” brain as a cheat!!!  The truth is, cheating is simply a sexy way to package the word compromise and we all know that any intention that is going to succeed HAS TO be flexible enough for the complexities of our lives.

    Reaching a goal is a give and take journey and simply put cheating is your opportunity to “take” after all the hard focused giving you’ve been doing.


    A little harsh but…Do you even view yourself as the mothereffing CEO of your life?

    Have you handed over all of your decision making powers to a bestselling author who knows nothing about your personal life, medical history, work demands, schedule constraints, food aversion or loves?

    Please tell me, you are still the boss of you these days!!

    I’m totally fine with you taking their best selling, hard cover blue print and using it as learning tool.  It may be very valuable for your process.  It may give you some awesome insights as to how your metabolism works or how you should go about organizing your goals.

    However, if you cannot see the HUGE grey area between their “EAT THIS” and “DON’T EAT THIS” food lists, you are not only dooming yourself to failure, but even worse, are now INCAPABLE of learning from that failure.

    Cheating helps fill in gaps and personalizes your process.  It makes lifestyle change a process about understanding yourself rather than losing yourself.

    Negotiate and compromise #likeaboss!


    The yo-yo back and forth from “perfect eating to total binge” is the downfall to your results.  Daily cheats or better “marketed” to your “shred mode” psyche, daily compromises, help you make consistently good decisions and let me tell you GOOD is literally all you need in the next 12 weeks!!

    Inconsistently perfect is NOT going to shred what you want gone!

    Build trust with your body by keeping your nutrition steady and in a few weeks it reacts exactly the way you had hoped.  Extreme anything is the ultimate way to break trust and never see results.

So now that I have you excited (or at least curious) about cheating…I mean compromising daily like the mofo nutritional CEO of your body that you are… let me teach you how to do it so that you don’t hinder progress!!

Cheating is not to equate to a binge or a re-feed.  The goal of a daily cheat is not to provide you a sugar coma or a fat extravaganza!

In fact, the great thing about these small cheats is that they reduce your cravings and get you to stop feeling like you HAVE TO binge!  Bye, bye FOMO!

Here are the 3 non-negotiables to establish …

  1.  Keep it small- never buy cheats and treats in bulk.  Pay the extra pennies for pre-portioned and less quantity  so you don’t need will power to keep you consistent.
  2.  Hit the spot-  Calm the sweet/salty urge with something you genuinely like and want.    Don’t buy the “instagramable” super perfect snack choice as your cheat.  Be a little naughty.
  3.  Don’t wait too long!- It’s more than okay to wait a bit for your daily cheat because, of course, you don’t necessarily want to answer each whim that may come your way.  However, if you find yourself dreaming of a certain something, time for your magic weapon.. hit the spot… and not let that urge turn into a fierce craving.

I’m headed to my longest coaching night of the week and I want to show you what I’m packing up so that when I come home crazy tired, I don’t head into the pantry and make choices that hinder my workouts…  FULL FAT vanilla yogurt, berries, walnuts and a bit of deliciously sugary Cracklin Oat Bran.

Is it perfect??  Hell to the no!

But I will not come home anywhere close to binge mode.

I will come home 100% satisfied by my less than perfect “non-instragramable” eating decision.  I will be consistently good and 0% perfect.  It’s going to be one blissful and delicious 12 weeks til pool season.  #practicewhatyoupreach