Addicted to 6-pack images? My top 5 Follows right now!

The term news FEED is so damn appropriate.

Every image, every follow that you scroll through is just that… BRAIN FOOD.

So I have to ask you…

What does your brain diet consist of????

How much junk are you REALLY feeding your brain?

Seriously… how many 6 packs and bikini butts are you exposing yourself to on a daily basis?

Is it any wonder you can’t break the mindset of feeling like utter garbage!

News flash!

That shit ain’t reality.  Most of those people aren’t credible fitness resources!!!

Sure… their 6 packs might be real, but the narrow view point of their lives is not!

Very few competitors/models actually show you their “normal,” their struggles in reverse dieting, their cellulite, their “bad” days, their bloated days, their tired days.

Most are just complete cowards.  Yes… that’s exactly how I read it… they don’t have the guts to be 100% vulnerable, be human, and have a sucky ass day with you.

And you are REINFORCING the process with that damn like and heart button.  It is a WELL KNOWN social media fact that body selfies increase likes like crazy.  So unless their body selfie is coming at you with something that TEACHES or helps you REFLECT … Hook.  Line.  Sinker. You got catfished.

I only follow people/groups who EDUCATE, ENHANCE, and ENTERTAIN me on social media with a FULL VIEW, a complete perspective, of their world… and my @sweathuntsville FB and IG feeds are meant to do the same.

  •  So I want to invite you right now to take 5 minutes to unfollow at least 5 people who just don’t deserve taking up your social media real estate.  I do this quite often by the way!  You’ve got to earn the right to stay in my newsfeed.  One good post every 6 months just doesn’t cut it.  You best be WORKING for my attention and putting out valuable content all the time.  Otherwise… BUH, BYE!

You don’t get to be my brain food.  You don’t get to feed me your empty brain food calories.

  • Now I want you to test out and see how much you enjoy these 5 suggestions for the next 2 weeks… Do they educate, enhance, and entertain you with a full view of their world.  Does they help you walk away from your news feed ready to conquer something new.  Are they feeding your brain delicious, healthy, balanced goodness?????
  1.  @jillfit- this should be a no brainer btw.  I’m sort of a super fan of hers 🙂
  2. @sarevance- love this girl!  Probably one of my top finds in the past year.  She’s constantly pushing perspectives on body image.  Love it!
  3. @fitamysuzanne- one of the only bikini competitors I’ve seen that takes you through her entire journey.  From good days to bad days.  Good eating days, binge days.  She’s taken her time after baby #2 into getting back into competing and she’s just now “starting over.”  She puts motherhood first and while many other competitors also put their families first, why don’t they show it?  Why don’t they openly say, no gym time today cause baby just threw up all over me as I walked out to deadlift?  How much more normal would you feel as a working mother if you knew your entire fitness goals don’t unravel b/c you lost a day at the gym?  Don’t we NEED to see that?  Don’t we NEED to know if a competitor can shrug it off, then so can we?  Of, course!!!  This is why I’ve stayed following this chick.  That’s good for the soul!!!
  4. @effyourbeautystandards- constant images of real women of every size and shape just ENJOYING life.  Happy women… satisfied women… women not worried about their belly rolls.  What a CRAZY concept right????  It’s perfect.  I love it.  Adds balance to having someone like @fitamysuzanne in my feed.  Both are good.  Both are fine.  But we need have to widen our lens!!
  5. @stupideasypaleo- I don’t have a lot of food imagery in any of my social so if you keep real estate, I really like what you cook, how you cook it, and how you picture it.  Food is NOT just fuel.  Food is also a creative outlet.   Some people have an incredible gift of talking through food and I just like the way she does it.  My food will never look like hers, taste like hers, or be as complex as hers.  I’m not really looking for recipes.  I’m looking for a reminder that food is not the enemy!  It’s beautiful.  It’s art as much as it is energy.  That keeps me grounded.
  6. Btw, if you love these suggestions, I’ll be sending my Sweat Unfiltered crew 5 more this week.  You can join the list here.  I email once a week.  No brain junk food either.  I promise.  Every week, I’m looking to hit you with my best insights, tips, workouts, recipes, or just action steps to making sure your fitness journey stays effective and JOYFUL!

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