Challenge what you THINK you know- July Challenge

Truly I woke up July 4th and thought… crap… people are going to do crazy things to their bodies out of food guilt tomorrow.

They’re actually going to end up over indulging extra today telling themselves THIS is the LAST time they’ll ever enjoy food again!



I never want your cake, your ice cream, your pizza, your beer, your wine, your favorites to end.

It’s not either cake or happiness with my body.

It’s both.

Yes, you can literally have your cake and eat it too!!

So, I sat down and decided I had a responsibility to show folks how you take ALL that food anxiety and create ACTIONS that lead to results.

This July challenge is how I start every Diet Rebellion… WITH MASSIVE ACTION!


  • Step 1:  Read and print this sheet TrackingandComplianceSheet.  It’s literally the exact sheet I am working with right now inside the Diet Rebellion private FB group.  The biggest differences are that their macros and calories are customized AND they have daily check ins w/ me.  I’ll open Diet Rebellion back up at the end of August but for now the focus on July and just how much we can get done in 30 days!!!!

And before you say, OMG this is A LOT and I’ll never be able to do this for the rest of my life.

OMG… I agree!!!

This is not a FOREVER thing!

This is a “Blast Start”.

This is capitalizing on motivation, big time, for a finite amount of time.  This focus will end.  This attention to detail will end.  But… you come out knowing more about yourself b/c we are COLLECTING information along the way, not just mindlessly eliminating foods!!

  • Step 2:  Download any app that will allow you to keep track of your calories AND your macros.  Most folks love My Fitness Pal.  I use My Macros +.  WHATEVER app that you are used to or feels intuitive for you is fine.

Macros btw is a shortened word for macronutrients.  Your macros are protein, fat, and carbs.  Those are your the big 3 things you will be tracking DAILY!

  • Step 3:  If you are looking to lose about 30lbs or less (not in 30 days!) you can take your bodyweight multiply it by 12, 13, 14 to get a RANGE of healthy fat loss calories.
  • Step 4:  Set your app to whatever # your calculations came up with for the #13.  This lets you knwo you have some wiggle room up or down.  Consider your 12 calorie range a great non-exercise range to shoot for.  Consider you 14 your weekend or big exercise day calorie day.  ANY of these are great.

ex. 150lbs x 12= 1800, 150lbs x 13=1950, 150lbs x 14= 2100.  Your fat loss range is 1800- 2100

  • Step 5:  Set your macros (protein, fat, carb grams) to be at 33% protein, 33%fat, 33%protein.  Do whatever the heck you want with that extra 1% btw.  Not going to matter!  In Diet Rebellion we get a lot more specific in terms of our percentages but this is for sure a SAFE place to start.
  • Step 6:  Measuring, weighing, tracking… THIS IS ALL DATA COLLECTION.  This is not some statement to the value of your body, the beauty of who you are.  We’re trying to figure shit out here people.  Get gritty!  Get scientific!  Collect information as accurately as you possibly can so you walk away actually knowing more about yourself than you did before.

At the end of the week, I want you to be able to look at your numbers and see how steady you kept your goals, were you too low, too high, was your fats super high, your protein super low.  WORK, WORK, WORK your way to predictable and steady!

That alone could take 30 days… and you know what if it does you walk away understanding something important about your schedule, your food, your time, your strengths, your weaknesses.

That’s how this challenge will serve you best!

  • Step 7:  Each week, document, measure, reflect, write it down.  Collect that data and USE it to change what you do.
  • Step 8:  Join Sweat Unfiltered.  My goal is to help folks learn what to tweak, when to tweak, and when to leave things completely alone thorough this weekly email.  I won’t blog about it weekly, but I do want to hear how your journey is going and I will be making weekly suggestions about what to do next!

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