I’m sure cauliflower crusted pizza is amazing, but to someone who hates the kitchen and doesn’t have a food allergy, I say…just eat the damn bread and have veggies on the side!  Making an almond or veggie crusted anything sounds…stressful, time consuming, and complicated!

Here’s the thing…I don’t have the time, patience, energy, or interest for fanciness in the kitchen.  If you do, I tip my hat to you.  I admire you.  Food is definitely a great way to express a creative outlet or just plain love for others.

I just wasn’t born a chef!

And in fact, the more I coach women, the more I realize part of the problem in the kitchen is that they are not balancing their KITCHEN PERSONALITIES (time/energy/interest) with their FITNESS goals.

I like and NEED my food to be simple, cook quickly, and be portable.  I am not a recipe person in general but if I find a recipe that fulfills those three things, I’m excited!!  ONLY after I’ve taken into account my kitchen personality do I then consider if the recipe fulfills all the other nutritional stuff surrounding my fitness goals.

#FullDisclosure and a #RealMomShit moment…we DO NOT all eat the same thing at my house.

My  husband’s kitchen personality is totally different from mine so he doesn’t like what I cook 90% of the time.  Not only that but his metabolism works totally different from mine too.  I lean out best on a high protein, low fat, moderate carb diet.  He works best taking a more hardcore Paleo approach.

We’ve learned and accepted that he has to do food his way and I have to do food my way.  We serve the kids usually from whatever Lawrence has made b/c they like daddy’s food better.  He’s an AWESOME cook and loves getting fancy with flavors.

Does that sound like a nightmare to you? Are you totally unimpressed with the way our house works? 🙂  

If so, no worries b/c I’m NOT telling you to do things my way.  I’m not telling you my way is the best way either.  I’m just telling you we’re doing things in my house in a way that WORKS FOR US!

You don’t necessarily need what I need out of food.  I am in and out of my house no less than 6 times a day, every day.  That’s why portability is so high on my priority list.  You may sit at a desk for 6 hours at at time, you may be in a car most of the day, or you may feel stuck at home with an infant.

We may have the same goals but WE DON’T LEAD THE SAME LIVES!

You have to LOOK FOR SOLUTIONS that are easy to repeat without tons of effort.

Maybe high flavor, plenty of leftovers, and everyone eating the same thing are your three #nonNegotiables.  That’s great.  You need to be spending your time and effort organizing and fulfilling those things in the kitchen and making it match with your goals rather than trying to eat like a fitness personality you admire.

All the stuff they are posting, are probably perfect for them.  It works for their schedules, their personal tastes, their individual schedules and it gets THEM results.

Guess what, you can do the same damn thing for yourself if you trust that it’s more important to be consistent than to be perfect!  

Find the strategy that doesn’t even feel like a strategy!!!!! It’s just you, doing what feels right, in the healthiest way possible…today.

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