Protein Pancake Recipe

In last week’s blog, I emphasized the importance that balancing your kitchen personality has with keeping you consistent.  If you didn’t read it, start there.

In the spirit of my 3 #nonNegotiables in the kitchen, quickness, simplicity, and portability here is the exact Protein Pancake Recipe I’ve been using for several weeks so that I’m both fueled and satisfied.  I definitely eat this for breakfast but also anytime of day.  Depending on my workout, this keeps me fueled and happy for the next 2-3 hours.


Protein Pancake Recipe (1 serving)

Calories: 221.5

Protein: 24.6

Carbs: 20.2

Fats: 4.9


3/4 c egg whites

3 oz baked sweet potato

10 raw almonds

1 dash cinnamon

1/2 packet stevia

Step 1:  Put all ingredients in Vitamixer, food processor, or Cusinart Blend Stick and blend until mixture is smooth.

Step 2:  Spray iron skillet w/ olive oil on medium low heat and wait until thoroughly heated.

Step 3:  Pour mixture and leave it alone until it’s almost solid.

****Because these pancakes do not have any sort of flour or grain you will need to wait a bit longer than your typical pancakes!!  These will fall apart much more easily if you try to flip them too soon.

Step 4:  Flip it, cook another 1-2 minutes.

Either eat it immediately or put it in a glass container and head out the door!

Clearly, if I was in the Chopped Kitchen I’d be immediately escorted out of the building with my lackluster technique and presentation.  However, my goal in the kitchen isn’t to impress.  I want to enjoy a balanced meal, feed the lean muscle, keep my blood sugar steady so I don’t binge, not think about food for another 3 hours, so I can take care of the stuff that I am willing to spend a lot of time on…my family, Sweat, and my workouts.  #sorrynotsorry #realmomshit