I’m Not That Great…



I’m not that great.  I’m not that tough.  I’m not that athletic.  I’m not that smart.  You can look at my old report cards, my non-existent high school athletic career, and my less than stellar list of leadership roles and come to the conclusion that there is absolutely nothing extraordinary about Jeidi Pippins.


I take ownership of being absolutely regular in every aspect of my life and that is what drives me to push myself harder each and every day and achieve my goals.


I wasn’t born athletic but I worked my tail off and ran the Cotton Row a few years back at a 6:15 pace.  That’s pretty damn good!


I wasn’t born an intellectual but somewhere in college I learned to study and finished my undergraduate and graduate degrees in 5 years.  That’s pretty damn good!


I’m not that great but I have a loving relationship w/ my husband, two children that hug and kiss me, and I’m running a new successful business, Sweat Fitness.  That’s pretty damn good!


I have 5 copies of Dr. Daniel Crosby’s new motivational book, “I’m Not That Great” and I want to give them away to 5 people bold enough to reveal how being regular has made them do things they never thought possible.  Be bold!  Share your story on our Facebook Page to let us hear the story of your journey!  The contest will run from today through Friday, November 23rd.


Think.  Train.  Live.  Differently.

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