10 Holiday Food Rules (that you don’t eat like a rabbit or kill your bikini dreams)

Pet Peeve:  I am going to start my diet AFTER ___________ (insert any holiday of the year.)

Have you looked at a calendar lately?

There’s a candy/food holiday or celebration AT LEAST once per month.

Add in birthdays, showers, weddings, sporting event celebrations, GNO, vacations, and work events and you are LUCKY to ever find even just 10 days worth of uninterrupted  “just workin’ on my abs over here” time to focus.

Why are we trying to figure things out by EXCLUDING the obviously IMPORTANT and REOCCURRING holidays that add some fun and flavor to our lives?

We are doing ourselves a MAJOR disservice on #shredmode by trying to lose weight and NOT figure out how to incorporate celebrations WITH OUR FITNESS GOALS!!!!!

Since Easter is right around the corner (and then Cinco de Mayo, and then Mother’s Day) I wanted to provide 10 super fast and actionable tips that will help set you up for big time success 365.

(1) Eat as normally as possible until the actual holiday event –

Don’t get caught up in the “well, I’m already going to ‘eat all the things’ so who cares” mentality.  Eat like you always do and then when it’s time to celebrate, CELEBRATE.

(2) Set the table to make decisions EASY –

It sounds too simple to be true but the research really tells us that if you leave all those indulgent foods IN THE KITCHEN and place all the meats and veggies AT THE TABLE, your plate and your seconds look quite different.

(3) Provide Less variety – 

If you have 4 proteins, 4 casserole dishes, 4 desserts, 3 appetizers, 2 different kinds of breads etc… not only are your tired as hell but you are setting yourself up for one helluva an epic binge session.  Cook the things you enjoy having on holidays… you just don’t have to make ALL THE THINGS YOU LIKE AT ONCE.

(4) Pair healthy w/ comfort foods – 

Urban legend:  Comfort foods are foods eaten when sad.  Research tells us the opposite.  We eat more when we are happy.  In other words… comfort foods are actually happy foods.  Those childhood favorites make us feel so good because we attach memories and emotions to them.  Pair up healthy options right along w/ those your holiday “must haves.”

(5) Survey the goods – 

If you are not in charge of the menu, get in the habit of surveying the WHOLE buffet table before making your plates.  In other words, be SELECTIVE about your calories.  What’s actually WORTH IT and what’s not.

(6) Be the hostess w/ the mostest –

Gah!  My favorite rule.  I’ve been told I’m “so generous” after celebrations making massive plates of food for people to take home.  I’m literally your worst nightmare though.  You’re part of my fat loss (or at least don’t gain) plan.  I don’t like to throw away food (although I will) so I give it away.  I save one plate for everyone in the house to enjoy their favorites again (I have a heart!) but the rest goes home to my guests.  Calories and temptations for you.  Not for me.  Generous or evil genius?

 (7) Keep one – 

Just mentioned a bit of this one above in #6.  I don’t need 4 days of indulgent leftovers in my fridge.  One plate or serving of everyone’s favorites and then gone.  The same rule applies if folks want to load me up their holiday leftovers.  I’ll pack ONE serving of everyone’s favorites.

(8) In sight, in mind.  

Indulgent leftovers are placed in opaque containers or wrapped in foil.  Healthy leftovers (which I will keep for myself and not utilize rule #6) are placed in clear containers.

 (9) “We eat the volume we want, not the calories we want.” – Brian Wansink 

We like to see piles of food on our plates.  Indulgent foods pack a caloric punch so if volume is what our eyes want to see, better make those salads and roasted veggies!  In other words, this plays along with rule #4.  Volume equates to higher satisfaction so do yourself a caloric favor and play the game smart.

 (10) FOMO vs. JOJI 

The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) or The Joy of Joining In (JOJI) – Once I learned how to JOJI I stopped eating like the cookie monster at holidays.  That inner dialogue that gives you permission to binge is gone.  You know what it sounds like:  “after today I will never ever eat this or that again.”  Today I walk into the holidays knowing this is ONE OF MANY things to celebrate throughout the year.  I eat with a peaceful frame of mind because IT’S NEVER THE LAST TIME I will see this food again.


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