4 (politically incorrect) reasons I effin’ CRAVE exercise

I don’t want to talk about being healthy.

I mean … yes… healthy is great and it’s important, but can we pull back the curtain for a sec?

Can we talk about some of the juicer things that aren’t “proper” for us to say out loud that actually motivate us to not just go though the motions and say we worked out, but do things like:

  • rearrange our day and not miss the gym
  • sleep in our workout clothes so we won’t hit snooze at 5 a.m.
  • use our lunch hour for exercise instead of eating
  • book a babysitter on a random weeknight rather than miss a training session.

If I’m being transparent, WELLNESS, by itself, is NOT a big enough driving force to make me exercise the way that I do!

Ya’ll I can be “well” by simply going on a daily 20 minute walk, planking, and eating my veggies.

But that’s NOT where I stop because I’m actually aiming way beyond wellness and even strength and tapping into a topic that many of us aren’t comfortable admitting.


There… I said it.

I admitted it.

And it feels good to get the elephant out of the room because:

  • It’s fine to be on a mission to LOOK your best!
  • It’s fine to be on a journey that involves sex appeal.
  • It’s fine to enjoy the way your body looks after tremendous hard work and grit.
  • It’s fine to love the feeling of being desired.

Yes… I do think that your “why” should be layered with other things beyond the vain, but why TF are we to be ashamed that looking HOT is a major (and maybe THE TOP) driving motivating force behind our exercise life (especially this time of year)?

My take is that if we can get as comfortable talking about the naughtier side of our “why” as we are about the healthy side then the more entertaining, energetic, and encouraging our journey becomes.

Enter in my unapologetic plug and boastfully named “Fit and Fly by July”  membership that is live right now until FRIDAY, April 2nd.  Go check it out, it’s the ONE TIME of year we put our 3 month membership on sale for the price of our 1 year membership.

And YES… it’s on sale the week before April b/c you’ve got about 8-10 weeks before those pools open and if you’re ready to just get sexyAF and not have to THINK about what to do, when to do it, how to do it, then it’s literally THE BEST TIME to get to Sweat and let us push you in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Oh… and if you’re wondering about the other not so politically correct reasons I friggin CRAVE and GUARD my exercise time here they are…


I’m a mom and a wife and a coach and a business owner and I love each one of those hats to the very core.  However, those responsibilities demand that I give, give, give of myself.

Holy smokes, if I don’t take some ME time, I end up empty and resentful.  In order for THE BEST OF ME to shine, I gotta TAKE AND GIVE BACK to me.

I crave my gym time because I’m not a martyr!!!!  I’m not supposed to be LAST all the time.


Enough of the Kids Bop!  Holy smokes, we get enough radio edits as we taxi our family around.  Bring on the loud, explicit lyrics.  Let me get lost in the outrageous and defiant power of music!

Yes…I play the real deal, no beeps and no apologies version of any style music when I’m solo and when I’m coaching.


When I’m dripping in sweat and exhausted, I feel superhuman.  I am absolutely addicted to the sensation of utter accomplishment by doing something hard over and over and over again.

Intentional intensity!!!  – Putting yourself in a position where you’re just not 100% you can and then proving to yourself that if you WILL it, it’s possible.  That’s my drug.  And it creates inside of me this weird concoction of emotions where strong and sexy and powerful blend together.

P.S.  I’m healthy.  I’m well.  I’m proud of that too.  I just think it’s VALUABLE to allow ourselves to GET COMFORTABLE openly discussing the “other” motivating forces behind what we do and why we do it.

The reality is… sometimes winning the race, or having a lifting PR, or being more mobile, or lowering our cholesterol, just isn’t enough to push us to that next level!!!!!!????

Feeling and being desired is a BASIC HUMAN NEED and I feel no shame in the game of SEXY AF!

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