Food and Secrets

Next to the #peeclear 100 oz of water challenge in January, the February Challenge seems to be falling easily in place for most people.  Consider that a win!  The way you eat SHOULD NOT feel like a struggle day in and day out.  It’s those types of challenges that create only transient fat loss.  What we are after, of course, is permanent change and that type of lifestyle revolves around YOU EMBRACING the idea that there are days or even weeks that we have to choose the “GOOD” over the “GREAT” and that our “GOOD” today CAN EVOLVE to be even “BETTER” with time, consistency, and patience.

The idea of “good” and “great” and “perfect” is one that, admittedly, I have struggled with often.  In fact, last year my son pointed out, “Mom, you never eat junk food.”  I had just made a batch of his favorite chocolate chip cookies and he relentlessly kept asking me to have one.  Despite the fact that I was salivating just smelling the darn things, I “rose above the temptation” and kept turning down his generous offer.

Now, while the “you never eat junk food” statement might seem like a triumph, it was a hard smack in the face.

#1- THAT’S NOT TRUE!-  My body is far from perfect.  It’s quite obvious I allow myself some cheats!

#2-  APPARENTLY, I CHEAT IN SECRET!  CRAP!!-  My son had unknowingly pointed out a behavior I was quite content not even recognizing.  I don’t allow other people to see me eat junk food.  I don’t even allow my own family to see me eat junk food!!

Kids and their honesty…thank goodness for it, right?!?  That simple statement sent me on a mental trip inward, to reflect on what I do and why I do it.

It didn’t take long to see that, quite simply, I didn’t want to seem imperfect…to myself, to my family, to my Sweat family, to strangers.   How awful!  I want my kids to be comfortable in their own skin and if there is one universal truth in the parenting world, it’s that our kids are a direct reflection of us.   If I don’t accept my shortcomings openly, how are they to do the same?

Since then, I’ve made it a point to cheat WHEN I’m in the company of friends and/or family and you know what I’ve discovered?  It’s so much more fun to enjoy a bit of “junk” WITH people rather than in solitude.  In fact, I’m discovering that if I wait to indulge until someone I love is around my cheats are less likely turn into BINGES.  My cheats are now about enjoying the moment rather than hiding behind a false curtain.

I’m sure in 8:32 when John wrote “the truth shall set you free” he was not talking about chocolate chip cookies but, none the less, I am grateful for my son’s innocent statement and for it setting my spirit a bit more free than it used to be!



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