Fit and Fly by July

I’m no exception to the rule…I too have freak out moments about getting into a bathing suit.  This year, however, I’m anxious about an upcoming photo shoot.  As soon as I set the date with Maria Moore Photography, my mind went into full blown, old school, diet down mode.  I began to picture a strict regimen of dry chicken, steamed vegetables, and sweet potatoes weighed to the very gram.  I foresaw all my meals in tupperware, macros pre-measured for the week.

But, as the initial shock subsided, my logic returned.  I cannot and will not do anything that is not sustainable or healthy.  Whatever changes I make, must be able to be replicated because once I shred what I want gone, I am not looking for it to return 3 weeks later to torment me and draw out that inner bully that will call me a failure.  Not to mention, I don’t want to send my system into shock and get my hormones out of whack so I spend all my days fighting cravings and binges!  Been there, done that…hated it!  NEVER AGAIN!

So here’s the game plan, Fit and Fly by July…wanna join me?


1.  3 Month memberships go on sale March 29-31st.

*Get one if you aren’t already a member.  Metabolic conditioning and weight training is the name of our game.  Get off the steady pace cardio if you want to shred and gain muscle.  Endurance goals, while awesome, are NOT fat loss goals!!

2.  8 weeks to lean out- April- May

* Like our Facebook page so you can get updates on this blog.  I will make sure to disclose exactly what I’m doing in the kitchen and why…breakfast, lunch, dinners, snacks, portion sizes etc. so that you can lean out too!  Expect that post within the week.

3.  4 weeks to prove the changes are completely sustainable and lifelong.

* How often do we meet a goal and then fall off the bandwagon and rebound back to our old ways?  To prevent this, the entire month of June is dedicated to sustainability.  I want to spend that month making sure we stay true to ourselves.  Remember this?  It’s a non-negotiable!!


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