Canned green beans and french fries…the advice fit pros forget about

Can we just go back to making reality Instagram-able, Snap Chat-able, and Facebook-able again???

Honestly, I believe the fitness industry has hit a point where it’s got to become much more transparent to actually be of any help to people.

There is POWER IN THE ORDINARY and we’ve got to get back to those basics!!!!

Simplicity creates focus.

Focus creates consistency.


Consistency is king of results!!!!!

My initial nutritional journey began utterly, bottom of the barrel simple…

I literally portioned out processed chicken fingers, canned green beans, and baked french fries like 3 times a week.  I also paid a wonderful personal trainer to plan out and teach me how to weight train.

The food part sounds absolutely WRONG and nuts, by today’s standards, doesn’t it?

Where is the organic, gluten free, dairy free, no high fructose corn syrup, high fiber bells and whistles?

Honest to goodness, I didn’t worry about salt, dairy, fiber, organic, or even fresh.

I didn’t have time, energy, or interest to learn so much at one time and I actually didn’t even know those details could even have an impact.

I did what I could, with what I knew, and adjusted according to the way I felt and looked.

My journey has been so un-Instagrammable, so un-Facebookable, so utterly unsexy YET SO FREAKING EFFECTIVE!!!!


Because it was simple.

Simple kept me focused.

Focused kept me consistent.

Consistent got me results.

Results kept me loving the process!!

And so as Sweat and Diet Rebellion has grown and evolved, my courage to be LOUD AND PROUD of the STRAIGHT FORWARD, REALISTIC, REPEATABLE way we approach food and exercise has grown too.  

I want you to see and be a part of a process that could have BUT doesn’t have to have the complexity that seems to just confuse a large sum of people.  

Listen…Canned green beans, baked french fries, and portioned out chicken fingers is a worthy starting point for some.  It was for me and I should be just as VOCAL about my beginning as I am about where I am today!!

Last week, I had to purge some of these thoughts on Facebook and it really hit home for a lot of folks.

Screenshot 2016-04-18 04.47.31

I’m not the only one feeling that the elitist food snobbery on social media is just plain OVER THE TOP today!

People are CRAVING reality!!!


So let’s not just ask fit pros or anyone who you may admire, what they are doing today… ASK THEM WHERE AND HOW THEY STARTED!


That may be the best piece of advice they are FORGETTING to tell you or Facebook brag about!!!!


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Screenshot 2016-04-14 14.23.40
“Still headed in the right direction! You can see where I started with you!”

Screenshot 2016-04-14 14.31.15


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