5 Ways Mess Up Perfect + Worksheet

I sent out a personal and candid email to my Sweat Unfiltered crew explaining 5 ways I’ve shifted from perfectionist food goals and ended up losing weight and stress out of my life.

(You can read the full email by clicking here and join the email list here if you love this sort of get real and get gritty coaching you need to enjoy your fitness journey again.)

This blog post is the instruction manual with the accompanying print out worksheet so you can #GSD better and faster and put all the concepts from the email into practice ASAP.


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4 Cardio/Strength Workouts (that won’t kill your knees!)

There is a cardio world outside of running!

For those who suffer from knee pain, have a significant amount of weight to lose, or who just plain hate the activity, it’s important to experiment with different ways of moving.

At the heart of it all, you have to ENJOY HOW YOU EXERCISE if you ever want it to stick around as an actual habit.

If running brings you pain, makes you feel “heavy” as you move, or you find it boringAF, I’ve got 4 different styles of workouts that might make your heart, head, and knees happy.

Btw, INTENSITY will beat DURATION for every single time.  When speed is not an option, it’s time to hit the often neglected INCLINE button.  Ready?  #leggo

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Recipes from Sweat’s 4th Birthday Party

Yeah, so low sugar, low fat was not on my agenda for Sweat’s 4th birthday party… what I wanted was to share some of my favorite things (sung in a Mary Poppins voice) w/ my favorite peeps!

So below are the gluten, sugar, fat filled recipes I cooked up (which actually means MIXED up… b/c I knew better than to plan a bunch of cooking on a hectic day like Sweat’s birthday!)

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Less Meat, No Problem

Disclaimer:  I am not a chef.  I am not a vegetarian.  I should not be anything close to your #1 source of vegetarian eating.

I am, however, a personal trainer/studio owner/nutrition coach who is pretty damn good at hunting down and gathering up recipes so that I can tweak and change them in order to keep myself lean, strong, and energetic and help others do the same.

One of the most common obstacles I run into when coaching folks through their nutrition is “getting tired of eating meat.”

In fact, in each Diet Rebellion I’ve coached there is usually 1-5 people who within the first 10 days cries “uncle!”  I need a break.  I am over meat.  My jaw is tired from gnawing on flesh.  I would rather skip a meal than eat another piece of chicken or burger.

If this is you, I wanted to show you a few very effective, easy, and quick WORK-AROUNDS that we experiment with and use.  Remember, nothing is sustainable unless you ENJOY your meals!!!  It is a non-negotiable part of real lifestyle change!!!!

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3 Ways that make you DO the things you KNOW

You can KNOW what it takes to lose weight, run faster, lift heavier, start a business, change careers, re-organize your house, etc… and accomplish none.

You can read all the books, blogs, magazines, talk to all the experts, make friends with all the right people, and get all the diplomas and certifications you want and still never really reach your destination.

Isn’t it, at least, curious that we can simultaneously KNOW “all the right information” and end up DOING none of it?

That’s because…


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