Recipes from Sweat’s 4th Birthday Party

Yeah, so low sugar, low fat was not on my agenda for Sweat’s 4th birthday party… what I wanted was to share some of my favorite things (sung in a Mary Poppins voice) w/ my favorite peeps!

So below are the gluten, sugar, fat filled recipes I cooked up (which actually means MIXED up… b/c I knew better than to plan a bunch of cooking on a hectic day like Sweat’s birthday!)

Slow Cooker Sriracha Honey Kielbasa

Okay… so follow the recipe as is on the link, except, hindsight being 20/20, I’d definitely sear the sausage pieces first!  That extra crunch would set this off even better.

Confession:  By complete accident, I used low sugar apricot jelly.  There was no artificial sugar in what I used it just didn’t have added sugar.  I don’t think the mistake took anything away from the recipe as is.

Tweaking it:  If you’re watching fats, you could totally sub a turkey sausage!


Grain Free Bacon Granola-

I saw this recipe about 6 months ago and knew I’d be making it in the Fall.

Easy, a bit messy, but less time consuming than most granola.

Confession:  I didn’t find the RoseWater this recipe calls for, but it was still delicious.

Tweaking it:  You could go turkey bacon… but why?  With the fats from all the nuts, you can’t go into this recipe even contemplating fats.  Go all in with this recipe.  There’s hardly an added sugar in this thing.

RECIPE: Grain-Free Bacon Granola


Peanut Butter Honey Yogurt Dip

So, this super easy recipe was introduced to me by my friend and new personal trainer, Catherine Courtney.

Last night, I went “all in” with whole yogurt, my favorite Smucker’s Peanut butter, and did pretzels instead of apples b/c I knew they’d be brown by the time we could get to them at the party.

Confessions:  None 🙂  I actually didn’t get this one wrong at all.

Tweaking it:  For sure… you could change up the yogurts easily and change up the nutritional profile.

When I make this at home for myself and need to watch fats, I lower the peanut butter a bit, add in PB2, keep the honey usually, and use my favorite Fage yogurt.

I will say that my new food jam is Kefir and I’m so looking forward to trying this w/ Kefir instead of yogurt.

Peanut Butter Honey Yogurt Dip


Baking Up Yum

So yes, go click the link above and give these local baking folks a like!  This was a high protein cake Absolute Nutrition gifted us with last night made by Baking Up Yum.

Holy smokes… super moist… and did not taste all protein powdery.  My son ate two pieces and he’s my crazy picky kid.

Confession:  I swiped my finger through the icing aftermath.  Worth it!










I’ll be getting pics back from the party soon and will share!

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