Why Two-a-day workouts DON’T work!

Here I am on Black Friday weekend selling class packages at 25% off (code Turkey) AND telling you NOT to double up on workouts.

I understand a smarter money making strategy would be to entice you to use up all those classes as fast as you can in order to make even more money later on.

Except, I don’t believe I’m in the workout business… I’m in the coaching business.

And that means my job is to get you strong and healthy physically and mentally. (And I’m not afraid to serve that up with a side of super sexy as well!!)

In order to do that I can’t just create killer workouts, I have to educate you on how these workouts will get you to your end goal so it’s time to talk you out of those 2-a-days you are wanting to PUNISH yourself with as a result of too much dressing.

One of the biggest mistakes I watch people make during the holidays is REACT to over eating by prescribing themselves multiple workouts in a day.

The basic idea here is if you take in more calories, then all that’s needed to “erase” them is extra exercise.

The Problem:

  •  Weight gain or loss happens OVER TIME.

As your coach it concerns me more what you do with your holiday left overs than what you do with your Thanksgiving or Christmas meal.

I’m actually more worried about the 3 weeks leading up to each holiday and the 3 weeks post!!!

One workout done or missed, one big meal enjoyed or missed WILL NOT impact fat gain or loss.

In terms of results (and isn’t that what we’re after!), eating CONSISTENTLY good, trumps SPORADICALLY perfect just like…

Working out REGULARLY is without a doubt a better strategy than HARDLY ever.

The double workout THEN is a REACTION to food anxiety and food guilt NOT getting results!!!

  •  Weight gain or loss depends on hormones as well as calories

If you still believe that fat loss is only about calories then it’s time to start researching again.

Fat loss/gain is frustrating because it’s not a simple addition and subtraction problem.

Hormones like leptin, ghrelin, insulin, and cortisol have a huge impact on your hunger and fat loss.

There are negative consequences to pay when your fat loss strategy revolves extra exercise and less food.

That combo is a hurricane of uncontrollable, guilt ridden cravings ready to happen!

  •  The longer the workout, the less intense

I see it all the time.  People “save” their energy for the next workout.  They don’t push out that last rep or go “all in” because the thought of the 2nd class is an easy bail out when discomfort hits.

When you know time is short, you’ll do the most muscle damage in the allotted time.  You’ll drip sweat, huff and puff b/c the EFFORT is magnetized by the finality.

In terms of fat loss, short and sweet and brutal is the name of the game.  You will lose out on this and end up pacing yourself through BOTH classes for less results.


You will get better results by CRUSHING one workout than PACING two.


Here’s the deal guys… food guilt, food anxiety… it’s common… and it peaks during the holiday season.

If you’re feeling it and want to scream because things feel too tight I’ve got some big things brewing at Sweat.

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Deprivation and Over exercising is NOT something I can stand back and just let happen!!

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