At War and Craving Peace

If time, money, experience, knowledge, health, education, and the expectations of others were no obstacle, what EXACTLY would your ideal relationship with food, exercise, and body look like?

In Sweat Unfiltered, I asked that exact “dream big” question because  Diet Rebellion kicks off in September and I’m ready to really and truly put all this positive mindset training into action!

Vision planning and goal setting is something we encourage for our personal and career goals.  We know EXACTLY how powerful it is and how it helps us accomplish the things that truly make us happy.

So why not put this practice into our fitness journey????

So often we package our “big fitness dreams” in terms of lifts, scale weight, measurements, or a dress size.

And while there is nothing wrong with having those goals… the VISION… where you ULTIMATELY want to be, in actuality, has very, very little to do with those numbers.  So often numbers still leave us feeling like it’s still not good enough.

The response I’m sharing below, captures wholeheartedly, what many are too afraid, too busy, or too unaware to admit they are dealing with daily.

“I think ideally I wouldn’t think much about it at all. I wouldn’t think about what I should or shouldn’t eat, that I need to exercise, that I should lose weight.  It would be automatic. Just like I don’t wake up and decide if I’m going to work today – I just go. I would have such regular habits in place and realistic, not perfect, expectations of what is acceptable. I would eat healthy because I want to fuel my body and I just feel better when I eat healthy. I would allow myself to eat cake or drink wine to celebrate but not to stuff feelings. I would exercise because I like how it feels, not to punish myself. I wouldn’t obsess over my waist size or how my butt looks or wish I was 20 years old again.  I wasted so much time in my 20’s obsessing about my body. Since I can’t go back, I would enjoy it now. I would enjoy what I can do with it, what I have experienced with it, and appreciate that I have a body for my soul to occupy.”


The ideal relationship between food, exercise, and body is one of PEACE!

There is no mention of 6 packs, quad sweeps, macros, bicep peaks, squats, or plump glutes.

And this is HUGE b/c once you are really clear on exactly what your IDEAL is, THOSE NUMBERS, that dress size, those 10lbs, that lift, that 6 pack will STOP being your picture of success!!!!!!!!  You’ll realize why it’s never been ENOUGH!  

And so you open the door to finally begin taking steps that INCLUDE the harmony and balance you CRAVE and DESERVE to get you closer to your ideal vision.

Diet Rebellion begins differently in September for that very reason!

Clarity!  I need to get people crystal clear on exactly what they are seeking… outside of that scale weight, outside of the dress size.

What’s really behind your goals?  What’s your real vision?

THINK it.  INK it.   And THEN we can ACT on it… our honest to goodness, 100% authentic visions of our ideal food, exercise, and body relationship!  (Btw, I am not clever enough to have come up with the term think it and ink it.  I heard the term on a podcast and it literally just glued to my brain.)

Yes… I’m bursting w/ excitement b/c I LOVE it when folks get curious and get gritty w/ all the ghosts and demons and quirks that once felt untouchable, impenetrable, and unsolvable.

I am literally counting down the days until Aug. 28th when we will be thinking and inking our visions and creating 9, 6, and 3 months SMART goals to generate forward progress on the 3 most important aspects of our wellness- food, exercise, and mindset.

I am so GRATEFUL for the brutally honest responses in my inboxes today.  There is so much shared frustration, grief, and stress surrounding our personal civil wars.  I look forward to Diet Rebellion!

Early bird access begins on Friday.  Spots will be limited for sure.  Join the wait list to find out more or feel free to email me with any questions:





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