The 6 pack is the Problem.

This week I had the honor of speaking, for the second time, in front of The Mompreneurs, a local group in Huntsville which aims to empower mom’s to take that big leap of faith into business and live their passion.


I wanted these women to understand that entrepreneurship is not about becoming fearless so much as the practice of learning to walk WITH your fear and to move forward daily despite being scared as hell.

One of the most important “walk with your fear” exercises we worked on was  how to…

TELL people EXACTLY who you are and aren’t,

and who you are charged to help.

Which brings me to state, fearlessly and unapologetically  …

I am NOT your 6 pack trainer.

For those who follow me, I think you already know this, but honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever explicitly said,

My charge is to help men and women become their best selves through a variety of challenging strength training workouts.  I will take NO PART in activities or trends that do our bodies and minds harm.

There!  I’ve said it!!  I’ve told you who I am and in so doing EXCLUDED many people to hire me.

And that can be a super scary thing to a brand new business owner.

However, nothing does my business, myself, and YOU a bigger disservice than to try to be the “Walmart” coach.

You NEED to know and SHOULD know exactly where my expertise and passion lie!

I get so pumped up watching men and women who HATED exercise, all of a sudden, realize they’ve become THAT person… the person who actually can’t wait to get sweaty again.


I get a huge high when I watch clients who would NEVER workout in front of the mirror because they once HATED their reflection, walk over with their kettlebell and find a spot open.


My passion is to help you change your body WITHOUT hating your present!!!!


Which means… if your main fitness goal is to shred in 12 weeks and see a tic tac toe grid on your belly, you need not call me.



although I know exactly how to get you there, in my book, the hunt for the 6 pack is an unsustainable standard of beauty that, for most, creates body shame and wrecks their metabolism.

I’m all for anyone wanting less fat or bigger muscles or faster legs.

I’m totally not bothered by a fitness journey that revolves around some level of vanity.  I kind of dig that… cause it’s just plain human.


I mean I know it’s politically correct to say we want to get healthier but we can want a perkier butt in our jeans or want red carpet ready shoulder and I’m on board.

Cause guess what… I can get you all that without completely making fitness and food dominate your life!

You can enjoy some cookies and cakes and pizzas along the way.

I can help you build a kick ass body image with deadlifts and few beers.

But that 6 pack life tends to revolve around hours of training, meal prepping, and the word “no” around the kitchen.


It’s an alluring goal because of the outcomes, but what’s often not shown in it’s authenticity is the depletion of the upkeep and the difficulty of reverse dieting.


I am not willing to coach anyone through that.

And I say all of that fully aware that a year ago I said I was going to do a competition.

I was curious.

It looked like a mental and physical challenge I should take on… like a marathon for lifters :).


I could conquer the fear of being on stage and maybe build some street cred too.


I even hired a coach!

I put my bias aside and said let’s do something new.

Degrading and drained is how I will describe the experience to you.

My body was evaluated weekly and it was never enough… food was my enemy and more cardio was the answer to everything.

I bailed… that goal felt like I was asking to regress back to my anorexic days and it confirms my position of today… I am not your 6 pack trainer!!!!

So… to my Mompreneurs who are finding it scary and difficult to move forward I want you to hone in on EXACTLY what makes your creativity and passion come alive!!!!!

State it.  BOLDLY!!!  And be unmistakably clear!!!


What you feel inside should be so authentic and true and leave you so fired up that even though it is scary as hell to put your vibe out there, your love of the people you can serve outweighs that fear.


I know exactly who I was put on this earth to serve and I cannot imagine hiding behind a safe curtain and letting those folks pass me by!!!


Big fat middle finger to the 6 pack mentality, I am here to build bodies and minds that change positively together.

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5 thoughts on “The 6 pack is the Problem.”

  1. This is wonderful! Jeidi you did support me through my arduous journey of fitting into a too small bridesmaid dress, however I learned great tips and tricks regarding nutrition and building strength that I am all too excited to continue….. now that my friends wedding is over…. 🙂

  2. I truly get and believe everything said in this post; I have a question that may or may not be appropriate or even relevant to this conversation. Can you help a person who loves fitness but their life is packed with busyness so their physical appearance is misleading? A person who has disabilities (disabled Veteran) and needs to take it one day at a time? I have watched many of your video’s and read several of these posts….I want a change in my life and need some assistance doing it. Not because I’m not able to do it on my own, but because I don’t want to. I believe success is achieved with others. My interest has been perked and now I want to take action. I don’t need 6 pack abs, I just need healthy and fit. Loved this post by the way, it was an awesome read.

    1. Hey Tammy,

      Several things… do you get my weekly newsletter? I do a lot of coaching there and lots of mindset stuff too. to subscribe.

      I do more in depth coaching through my program Diet Rebellion which is set to launch January 9th. I’ll be sending out info soon so subscribing to the newsletter will help you find out more to see if this is right for you.

      And OMG… appreciate so much your comments. I whole heartedly believe little by little and WITH others are two key points that help folks reach success. Doing things solo and thinking through the process solo is oftentimes lonely and exhausting. Always good to have a sounding board!

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