Short, Simple, Sweaty- How to exercise when you kinda don’t wanna

Yes… I love my gym time… most of the time.

But, of course, there are days that I don’t look forward to working out.

Now, listen…I always allow for 1-2 days of rest during the week and that gives me a good bit of freedom to step away if I’m traveling, really sore, tired, or over scheduled.

I’m not talking about THOSE days… I’m talking about the days you are supposed to crush it, know you have the time and energy, but damn it… WTF- Happened-To-My-Motivation-Days!?!? 

How do you get yourself to the gym when you kinda sorta just don’t wanna?  Here’s what I do…


Tell yourself if you’re hating the workout 15 minutes in, you can bail, no questions asked.

Yeah… give that workout a go despite that blah feeling.  You can do anything for 15 minutes… clean the bathroom, do laundry, walk the dog, and yes… warm up and try the first 10 minutes of your workout.

If your head, body, and spirit STILL are not into it, you can honestly say… “I gave it an honest go.  Today, just ain’t the day.”

And def move the eff on from there no guilt.

It’s like trying a new vegetable… you can’t tell your momma you hate it, if you haven’t tried it.

“Take a bite.  If it’s gross, you can spit it out.”

Good strategy for the kids.  Good strategy for you too!


My “magic” formula when I’m short on time or motivation can be seen in 5 movements… the ones we use to program MetCon5 at Sweat.

Upper Body Push

Upper Body Pull

Hip Dominant

Knee Dominant


Full Body, fast, quick, effective, and to the damn point.

The thinking is practically done for me… I just literally PLUG AND PLAY from there.


I can’t tell you how often I’ve begun one of these little MetCon5’s and found myself happily dripping in sweat with my inner bad ass peacock feathers in full display.

“Gah!!!  Crushed it.

Thought I didn’t have it in me… turns out I did.”

You see… a workout like that leaves you breathless and burning fast… the up, the down, the squat, the hinge… your blood is flowing from upper body muscles to lower body muscles fast, your heart is thumping, you’re breathless from the work, and pretty soon the sweat begins to drip fast and furiously.

I adore that!!!!  It’s usually what I need to say… okay… that was kinda sorta fun.  Now I kinda sorta wanna keep going… maybe just one more round.


Long story short… your motivation cannot be on high 365… some days you gotta dig.

So I make it easy for myself to decide to DO THE STUFF I SET OUT TO DO!!!!

Short, Simple, Sweaty.

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