From #ImperfectAF to #SexyAF

13680696_10208409359045530_1873198023211599547_nGah!  So out of the ashes of #ImperfectAF is the fertilizer for #SexyAF.

And I don’t mean the “seductive” sexy where the stare into the camera lense says, “Don’t you want me?”

#SexyAF is a million times bolder than that!!!!

It’s the mindset, the attitude of:   I own this precious body!

I own the space I take up and the space I don’t!

I can love the curves and the rolls.

I can be proud of the muscles and the dimples.


Being strong is not negating weaknesses or imperfections.  It’s an all out ACKNOWLEDGEMENT that they exist together.

Being healthy and fit is not the annihilation of what makes us human.  It’s simply the journey towards our fullest potential.
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How RAW is that?  How many of us can relate to that “knee jerk” reaction?  to the starving yourself?  to the “unjustifiably” desperate?  To stepping on the scale and letting our entire self worth crumble?

There’s the low I talked about in #ImperfectAF.  The shameful part few of us are courageous enough to admit because we “know” better.

But remember, KNOWLEDGE does not automatically translate into ACTION.  The “easy” automated action is to punish, to loathe, to restrict.

The MESSY PART is to sit UNCOMFORTABLY with our emotions and reckon with why the scale continues to dictate our sense of self…

“So the blog on #ImperfectAF has been a post I had to go back to earlier this week because of my relapse into an unhealthy mindset that I’m a failure and I’ll never be where I want to be physically.  How did this happen, long story short I had to go to the doctor on Sunday and was forced to weigh (which I HATE) and the BIG ASS number that stared back at me literally stung my throat.  I work my ass off, some days better than others no doubt, I eat clean ALL week so where am I going wrong and why did I let this number deflate me like it did?…. I read the blog over and over and a few others you’ve written and I had an ah hah” moment.  Why do I feel like I need to weigh 140lbs?… that’s not going to happen for me in a healthy, sustainable way.  Get over it.  I told myself to STOP comparing my body type with say… yours… with Taylor’s… with Victoria’s.  That’s not me genetically and it will never be.” 

Yes!  I live for this… This makes my day, my week, my YEAR… That a blog post or a newsletter that I wrote can help someone else pinpoint and identify what’s keeping them STUCK in unhappiness.

It’s not calories!

It’s not macros!

That last line… READ IT AGAIN… it’s the COMPARISON TRAP.  (will sooooo be writing about that in next week’s Sweat Unfiltered!!!)

She’s found itI’m putting my energy towards becoming someone else… instead of allowing myself to be MY BEST POTENTIAL!

Gah!!!! (praise hands) BREAK THROUGH!!!!

And out of THAT was born that #SEXYAF picture of THIS IS ME!

Take me or leave me… it doesn’t matter.  I’m good.  I’m happy.  I’ve got places I want to go but that doesn’t mean I can’t be absolutely and entirely proud, in love, and at peace with what is.

 “I had no idea until now how it feels to inspire anyone by just being honest with yourself.  I feel so uplifted today and no one that matters to me would ever judge me for a silly number or fat roll or a dimple… it’s me.  I’m healthy and I’ll always be a work-in-progress but not to the point where it’s an obsession leading me to unhealthy habits.”


This is EXACTLY what #ImperfectAF was all about.

This is EXACTLY what #SexyAF is all about.

And this is EXACTLY the kind of transformations Sweat has set out to create.

You see…we don’t give two shits how much you can deadlift, overhead press, or squat if your mindset isn’t traveling with you along the way.

Your sense of self is an inextricable part of your health!  You don’t compromise that to chase a physique, a look, a speed, a benchmark.  Your mission is to develop yourself both inside and out to their max capabilities!

And so I was already excited for Sweat’s 2nd annual #SweatStrongChallenge but after this FB post and the email that accompanied it I can’t help but let you in on a few details.

  1.  Yes… we will be benchmarking and lifting like crazy again….
  2.  but not without acknowledging that #muscleandmindset connection that makes us truly Sweat Strong!!!
  3.  Winning those coveted lululemon gift cards will be about inner and outer strength!!

Join Sweat Unfiltered to stay tuned!

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